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Conquest launches Charismatix™ - Breaking the Code of Brand Love

Ever wondered why researchers often get it wrong? Or put another way, why people tell researchers one thing and then do quite another? Award winning market research company Conquest is to launch, on 3rd March, a brand new addition to its Implicix® suite of tools at the Insight Innovation Exchange conference (IIeX) in Amsterdam. Called Charismatix™, this new tool fuses avatar-led online technology with cognitive science and enhanced implicit testing to reveal the hidden bonds that link customers to brands, advertising and products.

Charismatix™ is an industry game changer. Recent developments in cognitive science and behavioural economics have forced marketers to accept that the consumer mind, formerly thought to be entirely rational and accessible via direct and laborious questioning, is in fact dominated by implicit processing (i.e. emotional, intuitive, quick). This means that most current techniques lack a vital component to measure our innermost and most powerful driving forces that actually inform our actions. Charismatix™ bridges the gap between the story we tell ourself and the reality of how we see brands by measuring Self Brand Overlap™ - that is, the cognitive distance between our self and a brand. As a result, Charismatix™ is the first tool that can identify the specific building blocks that drive brand love (or hate).

The method has already been tested with extraordinary success, revealing the hidden power of Self Brand Overlap™ as a predictor of brand love, and handing marketers the hidden code they need to re-engineer their brand’s personality to reach out to the unconverted.

Charismatix™ builds on Conquest MD David Penn’s award winning innovations of the last few years which have already garnered numerous award nominations, commendations and prizes. Building on advances in cognitive sciences, it bypasses clunky direct questioning, busting open our System 1 processing to reveal the genuine and often irrational criteria that bond us with brands, products and ads. Says Conquest’s Penn: “Brands have long sought to identify (overlap) with their customers but lacked the research tools to help them. This latest breakthrough from the Implicix® Development Lab shows them exactly how to do it.”

Conquest’s fast priming methodology uses speed of reaction and accuracy in a word association task to obviate the need for explicit questions, minimising cognitive interference, while avatar-led animations present the respondent with a series of online visual metaphors to engage with - allowing attitudes to be expressed intuitively without the need for words or numbers. Findings are then merged to construct a more nuanced picture; drilling further into consumers’ minds to expose hidden and overlooked associations.

For more information, photography or a list of recent publications/papers by Conquest please contact David Penn
on +44 2036678701
Twitter @Davidpenn1

About Conquest
Award winning, research company, Conquest, based in London’s Kensington is one of the UK’s largest independent researchers, boasting ongoing clients such as Heinz, KFC, L’Oreal and Pernod Ricard. Conquest carries out both quantitative and qualitative research and is most importantly a pioneer of innovative online research methodology, welding neuroscience, communications theory and cognitive linguistics.