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Controllis launches Perpetual UPS to keep businesses trading after the power stops


UK based generator and control systems company Controllis has launched their Perpetual Uninterruptible Power Supply (P-UPS) to provide clean continuous power even during the longest outages. The P-UPS combines a Controllis ultra quiet DC generator with a smart DC to AC inverter to provide power to the business for as long as required.

“We have developed the P-UPS specifically to serve a wide range of corporate branch offices, retail outlets and small businesses.” said Controllis CEO Simon Albury. “The solution provides better level of resilience, and is more cost effective, than traditional solutions available which require a combination of UPS, generator and automated transfer switch.” The remote monitoring also allows the corporate office IT department to have full real-time visibility of the condition of all their remote sites. In addition, the internal UMTS or LTE modem inside the P-UPS is able to provide back-up internet access to the remote sites devices in the event that the DSL or fibre line is also damaged.

Controllis P-UPS
Controllis P-UPS

Power resilience is becoming an increasingly important risk management issue for businesses. This is true in developing countries - where the mains grid is often unreliable, and also developed countries which are subject to extreme weather conditions such as cyclones, hurricanes or tornadoes. Even in a highly developed economy such as the United States, economic losses through power outages are estimated to exceed $150 billion per annum.

Controllis develops and manufactures power systems and controllers for a wide range of markets including the Telecoms, Defence, Law Enforcement, Utilities and Resources sectors. Since the company launched its first commercial products last year they have been deployed on five continents. 

About Controllis
Controllis is based in the UK with headquarters in Cambridge, the heart of the Silicon Fen high-tech cluster. The company was founded in 2008 with a vision to provide power and remotely managed systems for a range of different markets. The Controllis team is made up of highly experienced engineers, software developers and technicians from the Telecommunications, Power Generation, Defence and Formula 1 Motorsport sectors. The company is privately owned and funded by the management team, a number of private investors and a UK based defence and aerospace company.