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Customers experience more benefits with expanded KODAK Capture Pro software portfolio

  • Kodak announces application specific networked scanning solution and richer Capture Pro Software support for MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT Server

London October 7, 2010 —Kodak (NYSE:EK) announces the KODAK Scan Station Pro 550, a Network Edition of KODAK Capture Pro Software for enterprise applications, and the next generation of KODAK Capture Pro Software, v3.0.

Each product advances the capture software capabilities of Kodak’s complete capture solution—scanners, software and services. These new products introduce additional benefits, address new use cases and focus on helping organisations to more quickly and reliably capture data from documents to initiate a critical business process.

The Scan Station Pro 550 will be available to customers in the U.S. and Canada in early December 2010, with international availability targeted for early 2011. Capture Pro Software Network Edition and Capture Pro Software, v3.0 are expected for purchase in early January 2011.

Edward O’Meara, EAMER Business Development Manager, Solutions, Document Imaging, Kodak’s Business Solutions and Services Group, said, “This expanded software portfolio is the result of working closely with our customers to optimise and transform the way they can deliver more meaningful information to key workflows, applications and processes.”

KODAK Scan Station Pro 550
Many customers can benefit from the Scan Station Pro 550’s compact, self-contained capture solution for transaction type documents. This solution combines many of the advanced data capture and output capabilities found in Capture Pro Software with the walk-up ease-of-use of networked scanning. Designed to meet specific, distributed capture needs of customers in transactions-based vertical markets, the Scan Station Pro 550 comes equipped with a touch-screen interface to make it easier to perform advanced data capture, including bar codes, OCR and MICR.

The Scan Station Pro 550 is a walk-up front end capture solution for transaction-based business processes, (hosted) storage solutions, and other document or content management systems.

Kodak’s channel partners selling such solutions will be able to tailor the Scan Station Pro 550 to fit each customer’s specific job requirements. The tailored solution will scan and separate documents, perform image enhancement, extract key indexing information and forward the document images and metadata to a designated repository or business application - all with the push of a single button.

KODAK Capture Pro Software Network Edition
Capture Pro Software Network Edition makes it more efficient and cost effective to deploy Capture Pro Software across an enterprise where there is a need to centrally manage and monitor multiple capture and indexing stations.

The Network Edition comprises three separate product components:

  • KODAK Capture Pro Server Software;

  • KODAK Capture Pro Software Output Server Module;

  • KODAK Capture Pro Client Software.

At the heart of any Network Edition implementation, Capture Pro Server Software enables centralised licensing and administration, as well as batch monitoring.

Capture Pro Client Software brings all the power of the current Capture Pro Software to a client workstation without the need for a hardware key at the workstation. The optional Capture Pro Software Output Server Module includes multiple deployment options which help users to off-load batch processing to different servers and increase their overall scanning efficiency.

KODAK Capture Pro Software, v3.0
Capture Pro Software, v3.0 provides customers with close integration to Microsoft Sharepoint Server (2007 and 2010 versions). A new Microsoft Sharepoint Server set-up wizard greatly improves the ease, speed and accuracy with which customers can import existing Microsoft Sharepoint Server library column definitions directly into Capture Pro, reducing set-up errors and enabling better data integrity.

Comprehensive support and compatibility for third-party content management software enables Capture Pro Software to also serve as an effective front-end capture platform for Microsoft Sharepoint Server and other digital environments. Integration between Capture Pro Software and these systems assists businesses to more efficiently process and distribute digital documents and metadata to specific locations.

Capture Pro Software, v3.0 also introduces Kodak’s Intelligent Quality Control (QC) capability, an image quality control and enhancement tool, which can automatically identify images with challenging noise characteristics that may need additional adjustments. A simple, but powerful post-scanning quality control tool makes it easy to re-process those images, even when the original source document is not available, providing more consistent results across a range of input sources. All of this allows customers to improve downstream data recognition processes and human image readability, and thus helps to speed up important business processes.

The new Intelligent QC, Sharepoint Server integration and other advanced capabilities of Capture Pro Software, v3.0 allow end users to easily scan, index and extract data from paper-based documents. Capture Pro Software also readily prepares these scanned images for use in business processes related to storage, organisation and preservation.

Capture Pro Software fits easily into a wide range of capture environments, from departmental to production batch and transaction-level workflows and interfaces seamlessly with numerous document scanners from many different vendors. Typical scenarios include accounts receivable departments for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), claims processing departments in insurance companies or back-file conversion for service bureau providers.

Tony Barbeau, General Manager, Document Imaging, Kodak’s Business Solutions and Services Group, said, “We’re committed to helping our customers implement a less painful, less complex and less expensive onramp for their business, to migrate documents and information into collaborative, digital environments such as Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007 and 2010.

Furthermore, Capture Pro Software and the Scan Station Pro 550 point the way to future application-specific solutions, designed to shorten complex information capture processes by providing the same accuracy through walk up convenience and simplicity in operation.”

To see previews of the new products in action, visit:

KODAK products are backed by KODAK Service and Support. KODAK Service and Support is made up of more than 3,000 professionals reaching more than 120 countries. It is a leading multi-vendor integrated services provider, delivering consulting, installation, maintenance and support services for the commercial printing, graphic communications, document imaging, data storage and retail industries. KODAK Service and Support professionals are uniquely qualified to provide services that control costs, maximize productivity, and minimize business risk.

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