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D4t4 launch major new upgrade to its Celebrus Platform which can deliver instant data in real time


Sunbury-on-Thames, UK: 5 April 2019: Celebrus ( the Customer Data Platform from publicly quoted D4t4 Solutions plc ( is pleased to announce the launch of Celebrus version 9.

Celebrus version 9, the only Customer Data Platform that can deliver instant data, gives large enterprises significant product enhancements and interface developments that will provide substantial operational benefits and efficiency savings to business as well as supporting artificial intelligence operationalisation.

Celebrus is used by global businesses in banking, insurance, retail, travel, automotive and telco industries, collaborating with leading industry partners to drive rapid transformation in customer engagement programmes. Celebrus’ unique ability to capture detailed customer interaction data in combination with the instant data capabilities introduced with version 9, enables clients to personalise page content in milliseconds in response to specific user behaviours and experiences.

The key features of Celebrus version 9 include:

  • Re-engineered, lightweight code designed to deliver instant data
    Celebrus version 9 ships with a host of powerful new features, including 30% less code to ensure optimised performance. This new lightweight profile requires less infrastructure to run and enables Celebrus to achieve the industry’s lowest latency connections of first party customer data, enabling enterprises to capture, create and connect customer data within milliseconds, whilst maintaining complete control with advanced security and compliance features.
  • Enhanced mobile data capture
    Celebrus mobile capabilities have been extended to enable additional gestures such as swiping and device orientation from mobile apps to be captured. This valuable data provides a more complete picture of customer interactions across all digital channels which lead to the creation of even more in-depth customer profiles.
  • Operationalise artificial intelligence with real-time scoring
    Celebrus version 9 features connectors to Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio and Openscoring Server which allows all customer profile data to be connected to scoring servers. Celebrus data can then be enriched by providing enhanced customer profile information which can reflect their pattern towards specified actions, which can lead to opportunities to activate customer data. This can include:
    • Risk and fraud prevention
      • Anomaly detection to identify and score suspicious behavior
      • Automated suppression of purchase attempts for individuals scored for anomalous activity
      • Identity resolution for non-logged-in users using probabilistic matching, using identity management scorecards
    • Marketing decisioning
      • Identifying and scoring customers exhibiting strong buying signals
      • Leveraging propensity scores to operationalise next-best-actions to deliver highly relevant, timely and tailored offers
    • Credit screening
      • Feeding profile data to a real-time credit scorecard running in a scoring environment when customers exhibit potential purchasing behavior
      • Enhancing Celebrus profile by returning credit score in real-time
      • Credit score threshold used to determine purchasing limits
  • New interface enables role-based access
    The Celebrus interface has been comprehensively redesigned for version 9 to incorporate a new, highly customisable UI. This enables role-based access to Celebrus product features based on the technical proficiency levels of different user groups. Celebrus customers can now intuitively configure the permissions that are granted to different profiles of users from a range of business and technical roles.

Commenting on this exciting product development, Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer at D4t4 Solutions plc, said:

“Celebrus version 9 features a revised architecture which has been designed to deliver operational agility. It captures the market’s most complete picture of customer behaviour and experience and the data is available instantly.

This major enhancement will give organisations the ability to create better data with real time modelling and to optimise the benefit they gain from real time interaction management and next-best-action derived personalisation.”

Please contact the data team on to discuss the benefits of implementing the Celebrus Customer Data Platform or upgrading to version 9.

Editor’s note

About D4t4
D4t4 Solutions ( is ALL ABOUT THE DATA, providing comprehensive products and services that drive value from clients’ data assets. D4t4 Solutions was established in 1985 and is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (stock code: D4T4).

About Celebrus
Celebrus ( is the Customer Data Platform from D4t4 Solutions plc. Celebrus captures the market’s most complete picture of customer behaviour and experience, creating events and profiles in real-time for 1-to-1 personalisation and streaming analytics. Celebrus is quick and easy to deploy and connects to industry-standard data applications for customer insight and engagement. Celebrus also gives clients complete control by enabling best-in-class privacy compliance and flexible options for hosting data on-premise or securely in the cloud.

For more information please contact:

Matthew Tod
Chief Data Officer
D4t4 Solutions plc
Tel: +44 (0)1932 893333

Joe Cripps
Product Marketing Manager
D4t4 Solutions plc
Tel: +44 (0)1932 893386