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Dynamic Spectrum Alliance to highlight spectrum sharing success at the 2021 Global Summit


The 2021 DSA Global Summit will shine a light on key spectrum sharing successes over the last year and look forward to the future of dynamic spectrum sharing.

Washington D.C., USA, 18 March 2021: The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) has today announced the preliminary details for its 8th annual Global Summit. Focusing on the use-cases and impacts of spectrum sharing success over the last year, the 2021 Global Summit will take place virtually, 8-10 June 2021. Sessions will particularly focus on updates from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

Dynamic Spectrum Alliance 2021 Global Summit
Dynamic Spectrum Alliance 2021 Global Summit

The DSA 2021 Global Summit will continue the work of previous summits, welcoming regulators, policymakers, industry stakeholders, academia and civil organizations from around the world to deliberate spectrum sharing methods and models that will empower next-generation technologies like Wi-Fi 6E as we continue to see the benefits of dynamic spectrum access.

“To maintain momentum made in this last year regarding dynamic spectrum access, the DSA encourages the industry and government officials from around the world to come together and continue to endorse the use of spectrum sharing approaches. In 2021 alone we have seen significant progress in countries like Brazil, Canada and Saudi Arabia, but the work is far from finished,” said Martha Suarez, DSA President. “Following the success of our first ever virtual summit in 2020, which saw a record number of attendees, I am excited to announce the DSA 2021 Virtual Global Summit. By taking place online, the summit will be accessible and safe for all, despite the ongoing pandemic.” All 2020 sessions are available to watch on demand, via the DSA YouTube channel.

The summit will provide an opportunity for DSA members, policymakers and spectrum sharing advocates to update the industry on their progress throughout the previous year. With more and more countries pledging to open up the 6 GHz band for unlicensed access, and Europe and America on the verge of major mid-band decisions, enabling more shared spectrum for 5G usages and a wider mobile ecosystem, the DSA Global Summit will provide ample opportunities for meaningful discussions surrounding the ongoing successes of spectrum sharing.

“Now is a pivotal moment for unified collaboration on spectrum sharing. With broadband demands due to soar thanks to emerging technologies and stringent consumer expectations, we must continue to implement spectrum sharing methods to meet the increasing demand” continued Suarez. “What’s more, these methods are vital for providing access to those in unconnected areas, bridging the digital divide and proposing affordable and sustainable solutions for broadband access, leaving no one behind. If this year has shown us anything, it is the importance of connectivity to carry on in times of crisis.”

The 2021 Global Summit will reflect on spectrum sharing successes around the world, but will feature a particular focus regional developments and inter-regional exchanges. The triumphs of spectrum sharing throughout 2020-2021 will shape the agenda and discussions at the summit to produce a comprehensive event that will look at the current use-cases and look ahead to future progress.

The 2021 Global Summit will be held 8-10 June 2021, virtually. For more information, please contact Proactive PR at or +44 (0)1636 704888.


About the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance
The Dynamic Spectrum Alliance (DSA) is a global, cross-industry, not for profit organization advocating for laws, regulations, and economic best practices that will lead to more efficient utilization of spectrum, fostering innovation and affordable connectivity for all. Our membership spans multinationals, small-and medium-sized enterprises, as well as academic, research and other organizations from around the world all working to create innovative solutions that will benefit consumers and businesses alike by making spectrum abundant through dynamic spectrum sharing.

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