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Dating in the Digital Age: 79% of Girls Make the First Move Online


New study of MySingleFriend users reveals how the digital generation play the dating game, showing 79% of girls are happy to make the first move online but 71% will leave boys hanging before returning texts

London, Jan 10th 2013 – In the digital age of online dating, Facebook, Twitter and text, some would say the dating game has been made a whole lot easier, with a host of technology quite literally in the palm of your hand to help you connect with the man of your dreams. Others, including the authors of recent book The New Rules, the dating do’s and don’ts of the digital age, would argue that technology has made dating etiquette a little more complicated. A recent study of members from online dating website,, confirms the behaviours and opinions of those in the online dating game are still split.

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MySingleFriend Logo

Only 21% of girls currently heed the advice of the cardinal rule of The New Rules book; to never initiate first contact with a man, with 79% of girls admitting to making the first move on a dating website with a potential date, many posing the question ‘why wait?’

Whereas 71% of girls agree with the authors’ advice to wait at least 30 minutes before replying to a potential date’s text messages, with 10% of these respondents even leaving men hanging for up to four hours before replying. Only 29% of girls are happy to reply to dates texts immediately.

A massive 65% admitted to trying to get more information about a potential date by looking them up on Facebook before going on a date. ‘Facebook stalking’ is a commonly used term between online daters and their friends, with this modern age behaviour becoming a widely acceptable part of the date research process.

Continuing to date someone who has cancelled more than twice however is a no-go with MySingleFriend users, with a respectable 86% agreeing with the book’s authors, that they would ditch a man if this happens.

Sarah Beeny, TV personality and Founder of MySingleFriend said: “People have been dating from the Dark Ages to the digital age, but the host of technologies available today has massively changed the game, causing a load of new fascinating dating behaviours.”

31 year old Beth Gavin, who met her boyfriend on MySingleFriend said: “There are no set rules, everyone is different but the key thing is to give it a go and work out what works best for you! Having my friend write my profile gave me the confidence to try online dating and mix up how and when I played the dating game.”

The New Rules, the dating bible for the digital age, is now available from publisher Piatkus and includes an exclusive MySingleFriend discount for all readers and their friends.


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MySingleFriend ( is a dating site with a difference. All profiles are written by member’s friends, making it one of the UK’s most unique dating sites, which is fun and less daunting, as the experience is shared between friends. All friends are linked on the site, so users can check out who knows who, providing a much better insight into a person’s character.

MySingleFriend was created by TV presenter Sarah Beeny in 2005 and now has over 200,000 users in the UK. The site has also recently launched in Ireland at

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