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Demae Ramen Relaunch


Nissin Foods, inventor of instant noodles, relaunches Demae Ramen

Demae Ramen Relaunch: Tradition meets innovation

Nissin Demae Ramen
Nissin Demae Ramen

Eschborn, 10th November 2021 – Nissin Foods, inventor of instant noodles, is building a bridge between tradition and innovation with the relaunch of its Demae Ramen products. A fresh brand concept and new product variants will accompany the global relaunch.

With the Demae Ramen products, Nissin proudly looks back on a successful past. Demae ramen noodles have been available for purchase from Nissin since 1968. Their love of authentic Asian taste and Japanese tradition is already reflected in the name. Because "Demae" loosely translates as "a delivery" and refers to the custom of delivery boys supplying customers with ramen on foot or on bicycles. Now, the Nissin Delivery Boy can be found on the new packaging design of the Demae Ramen products.

Demae ramen noodles stand for a wholesome meal, the basis of which can be created within a few minutes with the Nissin product. Consumers are encouraged to add other ingredients to the ramen dish as they please. This is a wonderful and easy way to quickly add variety to everyday cooking and create tasty meals. During the pandemic, interest in Demae Ramen products has skyrocketed. This is where Demae Ramen noodles really come into their own and showcase Nissin's adaptability. In the UK alone through our exclusive appointed distributor, Grace Foods UK Ltd sales growth in 2020 was 30%[1] year-on-year. On average, sales growth in the 5 European countries considered was 23%[2]. Nissin is using this momentum to revitalise the brand and make it even more attractive to consumers. The campaign aims to create awareness that Demae Ramen noodles deliver an authentic Asian meal to Europe's homes in minutes, as well as becoming the No. 1 brand in packaged noodles. Nissin Demae Ramen Noodles now widely available in UK Supermarkets and Ethnic retail outlets has exposed the range and products to a much wider consumer audience seeking quality, authenticity and taste. With the new attractive packaging and the addition of new authentic Japanese flavours consumers will easily identify products on shelf and seek to experience Nissin Demae Ramen noodles.

For this, the brand concept of the Demae Ramen products was relaunched and the Nissin Delivery Boy became the central advertising message. Just like the delivery boys in the past, Nissin now brings a hot meal to hungry consumers quickly and easily. In addition to the website, the social media channels will be redesigned and supplemented with additional information, such as recipe suggestions and historical background knowledge. The measures are intended to appeal especially to millennials, couples and families. "With Demae Ramen, we are meeting the growing demand for variety in home cooking," says Olaf Büttner, Managing Director in Germany and Europe. "We are taking advantage of the ongoing demand as a result of the "new normal" situation to take action to ensure that this trend continues in the future."

"The Demae Ramen relaunch shows that we are always reinventing our products to offer our consumers the best and authentic Asian taste experience," explains Tomomitsu Taue, Marketing Director Nissin Foods Europe. "With our products and actions, we combine tradition and innovation. Our roots are just as important to us as continuous development."

More information about Nissin Foods and the Demae Ramen relaunch is available on the website as well as on Nissin’s social media channels: Instagram and Facebook.

Demae Ramen Noodles will be available in the following flavours from November 2021:

Demae Ramen

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Sesame
  • Miso (NEW)
  • Shrimp (NEW)
  • Soy Sauce
  • Japanese Curry (NEW)
  • Spicy
  • Duck
  • Tonkotsu

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[2] Source: Nielsen, Instant Nudeln Markt, Deutschland; Frankreich; UK; die Schweiz; Schweden, Absatz in Stück, MAT März 2021 (April 2020 - März 2021).

About Nissin
The founder of the Nissin Foods Group, Momofuku Ando, invented the world's first instant noodles, "Chicken Ramen", in Japan in 1958. Today, Nissin products are sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Nissin Food Products Co. Ltd. is the market leader in Japan in the instant noodles category and occupies strong market positions in many other countries.

The Nissin Foods Group has set itself the goal of bringing joy and moments of pleasure to consumers in their everyday lives and, based on its self-image as "Earth Food Creator", to enrich food culture worldwide with its Japanese influences.

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