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DonateToday Launches New Donation Service Targeting Mobile Donors


New mobile platform allows charity donors to securely make online donations via their mobile bill

Newcastle upon Tyne, 22 March 2017 – DonateToday ( has launched as the first platform which allows online donors to add charity donations directly to their mobile phone bill. DonateToday’s innovative technology enables supporters to make a safe and secure charitable donation, including Gift Aid, in just a few clicks.

DonateToday logo
DonateToday logo

For charities, using a platform that allows them to better engage with potential donors on a mobile device means they can open up a whole new channel for donations. From the initial engagement through to a successful donation from their mobile bill, charities can now offer supporters a truly mobile donor journey.

Traditional mobile donations require text messages, credit cards or apps and the donation journey can often require multiple steps. In contrast, DonateToday creates a seamless flow between the charity’s message, presented on social media or the web, and the donation, which is added to the donor’s mobile bill almost instantly.

"It is vitally important that Muntada is able to setup and launch campaigns quickly and easily, particularly in the case of humanitarian relief efforts like the Aleppo appeal for Syrian refugees,” commented Kabir Miah of humanitarian aid charity Muntada Aid. “DonateToday’s easy-to-use platform means that with minimal effort we’re able to offer mobile bill donations as part of our campaigns.”

“People live their lives through their mobiles, so charities need to be able to engage with them there,” said Bryan Clover, CEO of the Rainy Day Trust. “DonateToday provides us with the best way to achieve a direct donation. Allowing donors to donate almost on impulse, for example if something has caught their attention on Facebook or Twitter, will be a great addition to a charity’s fundraising potential. .

“Before DonateToday, we had no option that allowed our donors to move smoothly from viewing online stories and posts to donating straight from their mobile phone,” Clover added. “DonateToday offers a much better solution for charities in apps and mobile websites.”

“We realised when we tried to make personal donations to charities that they were missing the mobile piece of their online fundraising jigsaw,” said Chris Newell, CEO at DonateToday. “We used our expertise in the mobile payments sector to create a brand new solution, specifically designed to meet charities’ needs by removing the barriers to donating for the mobile generation. We believe that DonateToday will help charities to significantly increase the donations they collect from donors using their mobile device.”

DonateToday is available for charities to sign up to now. Get in touch with DonateToday to see how easy it is to add to your donation options.

For donors, once their chosen charity is using DonateToday they will be able to donate from their mobile phone in just a few clicks, with the donation being charged to their mobile phone bill.

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About DonateToday
DonateToday is a mobile-first donation service, allowing people to add online donations to their mobile bill in a few clicks.

As experts in mobile payment technology, DonateToday is improving the process of donating to charity by using its expertise to increase charity giving on mobile devices. By removing the barriers to donating for the mobile generation, DonateToday is offering innovative fundraisers the chance to make donating easier for current givers and tap into a new source of donors.

DonateToday’s founders have a strong background in payments technology and helped to pioneer the mobile payments sector. They have provided mobile payments solutions for major brands such as Virgin Trains, Cross Country Trains and Spareroom.

Press contact
Greg McEwan
Joshua PR for DonateToday
T: +44 7824 332484