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EU Calls Antisemitism "Incompatible" with Values


Lauder: “Significant step forward to make Europe a better place for Jews”

The World Jewish Congress applauds the Council declaration on fighting antisemitism adopted EU in Brussels tonight. The declaration calls antisemitism “an attack on European values” and makes the fight against antisemitism a priority of Europe’s executive branch. It especially refers to the “increasing prevalence of antisemitism in Europe” in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It promotes a range of measures, ranging from holocaust education up to combating online hate and demands a strong and systematic judicial response to antisemitic acts.

World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder welcomed its adoption: “Europe has a serious and terrifying antisemitism problem, and it’s high time that the European Union and its Member States direct real resources to it. The adoption of this declaration by the Council of the European Union demonstrates that Germany in its Council presidency and the EU leadership as a whole recognize the danger that antisemitism and hate create and the threat to society and safety when left unaddressed. This declaration is a significant step forward in making Europe a better place for Jews. The responsibility now falls on Member States to apply the policies and understanding laid out by the European Union in each of their countries.”

As part of its ongoing work to combat antisemitism, the World Jewish Congress has for years worked closely with European government authorities and institutions, as well as Jewish communities across the continent, to emphasize the importance of EU leadership in this area, resulting in the development of the declaration.

The declaration comes under the leadership of the German presidency of the Council and two years after a preceding declaration under the leadership of the Austrian presidency.

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