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Eight misconceptions about PR

What misconceptions about PR drive you nuts? We bust some PR myths this week. Plus there are some interesting Twitter statistics, and arguments about the art of conversation and the ownership of creative ideas.

Busting PR myths: You know that PR is not full of wine-guzzling publicists, but why doesn’t everyone else? PROs list annoying misconceptions about PR, held by those who work in the industry, and those who don’t.

Key Twitter stats: If you want to communicate to young women then Twitter may be ideal, but use other platforms to reach older age groups. We look at a recent study of 26 million Twitter users.

Hacked Off Flack: Going the extra mile is a waste of time, moans our grumpy columnist Hacked Off, it’s never appreciated. He lists favours that aren’t worth doing for clients, journalists or colleagues.

View from the top: Content may be king, but conversation is still queen, says Dee Gibbs, managing director at agency Liberty Comms.

The next big thing: Ideas define campaigns, says Jim Hawker, co-founder of PR agency Threepipe, and PR needs to push its own creative ideas more strongly. is an online PR magazine offering an insight into the world of public relations and communications. PRmoment Jobs is a specialist jobs board, updated daily with the best agency PR jobs in the UK, and the best in-house PR jobs in the UK.