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Energy2market and Deutsche Post to Optimise Power Procurement and Energy Use at Logistics Sites


Conclusion of the government-subsidised research project TRADE EV

In cooperation with Deutsche Post AG and its subsidiary StreetScooter GmbH, Energy2market GmbH (e2m) has developed options with a view to optimising power procurement and the use of energy at selected logistics sites with e-vehicles. The results of the TRADE EV[1] research project, which is subsidised by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and scheduled to end in February 2020, were presented by e2m together with the project partners, Deutsche Post, StreetScooter and SAP, at the E-world in Essen.

In the framework of the project, the fleet operators Deutsche Post and SAP combined electric vehicles, buildings, stationary storage facilities and regenerative generation facilities and connected these to the virtual e2m power plant using IT communication technology. e2m prepared models for the project partners to optimise the procurement of power and market flexibilities at the energy markets. Overall, the project design was geared to the future situation on the energy market and to data protection from the beginning. In addition to trading on the power exchange, e2m also enabled participation in trading on the balancing energy markets and, as a result, it has made an active and sustainable contribution to stabilising the power grid. In addition, these measures have had a positive effect on the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) calculation of battery-operated vehicles.

Prior to this, five Deutsche Post pilot sites were selected and equipped with stationary storage facilities with an output of 100 kW and a capacity of 120 kWh. The storage solution provides sufficient flexibility to permit the use of both new and used batteries. In addition, a PV plant was installed at two sites to test and assess the optimum use of power generated locally. Together with the building and the electric vehicle fleet, these components form an energy cell. The Deutsche Post sites are connected throughout Germany via the StreetScooter control room creating an intelligent system at a local level – a so-called Smart Microgrid. This facilitates the rate of electrification of the vehicle fleet at sites with a weak grid.

[1] Trade of Renewable, Aggregated and Distributed by Electric Vehicles. TRADE focuses on system services on the balancing market by aggregating swarm-intelligent electric vehicle fleets in combination with stationary storage facilities and building automation, wireless charging for the automatic availability of the fleets on the grid and models for the power market design for more renewables and grid stability at lower grid expansion and reserve capacity costs.

About e2m
As an independent power aggregator, Energy2market specialises in managing and optimising dynamic portfolios, as well as marketing the flexibility provided by decentralised generation and consumption plants. Business operations focus on continuous management on the spot and intraday markets as well as the use of existing physical flexibility for balancing positions, as a trading product or as a system service in the field of balancing energy. With a marketed output of more than 3,500 MW from renewable energy plants, e2m is one of the biggest aggregators and trading service providers in Germany. Moreover, as the biggest balancing power pool provided in Germany, e2m has the necessary infrastructure and market access channels to all German and international trading markets.

The German “Focus” news magazine awarded e2m the title of the “2016 Growth Champion” and, as a result, confirmed the intrinsic value of the e2m business model. As the first energy trading company among the currently pre-qualified balancing energy providers, e2m was certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and ISO IEC 27001 as early as in 2015 – showing e2m as a ground-breaking pioneer in its field yet again.

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