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Ephesoft releases new version of Transact cloud-based document processing solution


New way to capture and process high volumes of data quickly, efficiently and accurately in the cloud - including more than 1,000 types of global ID

July 29, 2020Ephesoft, Inc., a leader in intelligent data capture and enrichment solutions, today announced the release of Ephesoft Transact 2020.1.02. The new version of Transact includes enhancements to quickly and accurately capture and process high volumes of documents across hundreds of industries. Enhanced features include cloud hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure deployment in as little as 24 hours; handprint extraction, checkbox and signature detection for cloud and on-premises processing, and the addition of Ephesoft Transact QuickScreen to seamlessly read and extract data from over 1,000 different types of global ID.

Ephesoft Transact
Ephesoft Transact

Transact Cloud
Hosted in the Amazon Web Services cloud, Ephesoft Transact Cloud provides secure, scalable, intelligent content acquisition capabilities for organisations to automate their document processing without the added burden and expense of server management. Transact Cloud customers can go live in hours or days versus the months often required for on-premises deployment. Other benefits of the latest version of Transact Cloud include data import functionality from AWS S3 buckets; server performance monitoring; lower cost of ownership and capital expenditure and accelerated feature deployment for continuous product updates.

Transact QuickScreen: extracts data from more than 1,000 types of global ID
Now available in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution, Transact QuickScreen offers out-of-the-box capabilities to read more than 1,000 types of ID, such as driver’s licences, passports, visas, healthcare cards, international documents, tax forms and patient paperwork from 195 countries. A customer can capture an ID, form or document on any device such as a mobile phone or scanner and upload it for automatic processing. The Transact platform classifies, extracts, validates and delivers the data into the customer’s line of business systems such as RPA, ECM, EHR, CRM and ERP.

Customers across any high-volume, document-intensive use case will benefit from using Transact QuickScreen, whether in healthcare, government, human resources, banks or finance organisations. For example, healthcare organisations can securely capture patient IDs and test kit barcodes to reduce wait times for COVID-19 tests. HR departments can reduce the time and cost of onboarding and offboarding employees by automatically processing forms, such as I-9, W-4, P60 and employee IDs. Likewise, banks and mortgage companies can efficiently qualify loans by eliminating the manual data entry of credit card statements, bank statements, IDs and payslips.

Native ICR and OMR Extraction
Native Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) extraction are now available for on-premises, hybrid and cloud solutions, integrating directly into the Ephesoft Transact user interface alongside its traditional key-value extraction rules for OCR extraction. This offers a quick and easy way for users to define an index field extraction rule to extract handprint values from a document, or to detect signature or checkbox filled areas. In some use cases, it took less than half the time to configure compared to traditional methods.

In the Ephesoft Transact platform, handprint data extraction rules are easily configured in most cases, with no templates or zonal page mapping required. In several customer scenarios, the solution’s embedded ICR engine reduces professional service hours by converting handwritten data to machine-readable text and outputting textual data for review and validation by a human. Similarly, Transact Cloud easily interprets checkbox data without the need for template or fixed form projects. If forms contain signature fields, the system can identify those areas and determine whether or not the document has been signed.

“Market research indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a growing demand for cloud computing and software services,” said Ike Kavas, founder and CEO, Ephesoft. “We see this with our customers who are looking for ways to automate their enterprise, starting with their data. Banks, insurance companies, healthcare and government agencies around the globe seek modern, scalable solutions that drive productivity, starting with document classification and extraction digital transformation initiatives. Customers are looking for ways to easily and quickly unlock their data and put it to immediate use – with the ability to implement successful outcomes in as quickly as days to hours.”

About Ephesoft Transact
Ephesoft Transact is a modern capture productivity platform that leverages machine learning and cloud-based web services to empower human and digital workers in a wide range of document-intensive industries. Short implementation and enhanced features enable organisations of all sizes to improve their bottom line.

Ephesoft Transact will be competitively priced with new pricing bundles rolling out Q3 2020. A free 10-day trial of Ephesoft Transact Cloud is available by contacting sales at For more information about Ephesoft Transact, including the latest Ephesoft Transact version 2020.01.02 enhancements, visit

About Ephesoft
Ephesoft is the leader in Context Driven Productivity solutions, helping organisations to maximise productivity through contextual content acquisition and process enrichment, increasing the value of enterprise data. The Ephesoft Semantik Platform turns flat data into context-rich information to provide data scientists, business users and customers with meaningful information to automate their business processes. Thousands of customers worldwide employ Ephesoft’s platform to accelerate nearly any process and drive high value from their content. Ephesoft is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., with regional offices throughout the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific. To learn more, visit

Notes to editors:

  • A March 2020 “COVID-19 Impact on IT Spending” survey by IDC [1] finds cloud computing, workforce performance management and cloud software are the three tech investments IT decision-makers believe are most likely to benefit from increased demand. This is not surprising as organisations with an expanded remote workforce seek the flexibility and cost savings offered by cloud and hybrid solutions like Ephesoft Transact to quickly, remotely and securely leverage their data for business continuity.

[1] IDC, Leaning on Digital Transformation Investments to Meet the Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Doc# US46201920, April 7, 2020.

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