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Falcon Media House Expands Live Streaming to India in Deal with JPR Network

  • Landmark agreement shows Indian cable operator JPR Network diversifying to deliver TV via mobile
  • On-demand streaming enables subscriber growth at fraction of the cost of cable or satellite
  • Deal marks Falcon’s expansion into India, after concluding agreements in Nigeria, South Africa, Canada and Mongolia

26th February 2018 (London, Mumbai) – Falcon Media House Plc, the London Stock Exchange-listed digital technology and media group, today announces that it has agreed to provide live and on demand digital streaming technology to JPR Network, the Mumbai-based cable network provider.

The deal extends Falcon’s global footprint to India, the world’s fastest growing market for mobile subscribers, following agreements in Nigeria, South Africa, Canada and Mongolia. JPR Network benefits from a partnership in which Falcon provides subsidiary Quiptel’s patented Q-Flow open Internet streaming technology, also known as over-the-top (OTT), and Mumbai-based Media Nucleus provides systems integration.

“We’re looking forward to delivering the first of many such systems as OTT platforms represent the future of broadcasting,” comments Falcon Media House Executive Chairman, Gert Rieder. “Local networks and mobile services in India, Africa and Southeast Asia are not always reliable enough to provide high quality streaming experiences – which is where the Quiptel technology makes a big difference.”

Going beyond traditional network limitations, Q-Flow overcomes the challenges of congested and slow connections to deliver content to the end consumer using the most efficient and cost-effective route, resulting in seamless streaming over even the most challenging networks and mobile conditions. Rather than investing in hardware and laying new network cables, Q-Flow enables broadcasters and cable companies to increase customers with a lower capital expenditure, creating a unique win: win solution for both the OTT operator and their end users alike.

The solution is particularly applicable to India, where the number of mobile subscribers is projected to soar by 310 million between 2016 and 2020, almost double the increase in China and beating every other country worldwide, according to GSMA Intelligence.

TV network providers like JPR Network are taking advantage by offering content through OTT at a fraction of the infrastructure set-up cost for traditional cable, typically in the region of US$ 600-1,000 per home. Q-Flow additionally enables JPR Network to increase penetration with its existing 150,000-plus subscribers by streaming content to their mobiles and other devices, while also extending reach beyond its physical geography of Mumbai or even India. Under its agreement with the Falcon and Media Nucleus partnership, JPR Network will pay an undisclosed base plus a fee per subscriber.

The partnership between Falcon and Media Nucleus targets medium and large size broadcasters with a potential reach of 250 million users in India and the partners have already identified over 200 such companies across the region. Beyond India, Media Nucleus also provides innovative broadcast and Pay TV services to clients ranging from Fox Movies in the Middle East to Zuku in East Africa and now they have added the Falcon OTT solution to their portfolio.

Falcon Media House Executive Chairman, Gert Rieder:
“Having a presence in India is key for success and with our strategic partner Media Nucleus we can provide local support and implementation to enable a timely cost-effective solution to other MSOs looking to provide value added services to their existing subscribers. Media Nucleus has a huge established customer base including many of the leading broadcast companies in India. Together we already have an immediate pipeline of MSOs who represent over 2 million subscribers and we are looking forward to enabling them to deliver a world class OTT service using Q-Flow that will help them to grow in a cost-efficient manner, avoiding the huge costs of building infrastructure.”

Santosh Nair, Co-Founder and Director Media Nucleus:
“Media Nucleus is at the heart of India’s burgeoning technology industry and has over 3 decades of Software experience in the DVB sector with a deep knowledge-base, benchmarked by Industry experts in handshake technology protocols, enabling integrated multi product platform deployments.

With a seamless and robust single platform window, Quiptel's unique architecture enables service and content providers alike to transparently adhere to all Audit authority statutory requirements”.

“The explosion of the smartphone market, and with it the increase in demand for streaming video content, requires a robust and reliable OTT service both inside and outside the home. For today’s customers it’s essential that the quality of experience can be relied upon. Falcon Media House represents the future of the industry, with Quiptel’s revolutionary Q-Flow technology and a deep understanding of global consumer needs. The combined strength of both companies’ products offers a tailored solution to the MSOs and we look forward to announcing more wins in the very near future.”


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About Falcon Media House
Falcon Media House (LSE:FAL) is a multi-divisional, global internet media group. We are building a new breed of media entertainment house for the way people want to consume live and on-demand video content. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where great technology meets great entertainment ideas and finds the right audience. The Group is capitalising on explosive demand for digital video, streamed “live” and “on-demand” known as the Over-The-Top (OTT) video streaming market. OTT solutions are powered by Quiptel’s innovative patented technology enabling “intelligent streaming” (aka Q-Flow) on any network to any device, dramatically improving QoS and QoE and ‘bridging the last mile’.

About Media Nucleus
Media Nucleus is at the heart of India’s burgeoning Media Services technology industry and has been built client relationships lasting over a decade across Asia and Africa.

Catering to Broadcasters and Digital Cable companies – by empowering their offering with seamless integration and encryption services - Media Nucleus has established itself in a niche domain.