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Farmbot launches next generation satellite monitor


Farmbot Duplex Satellite Monitor to unlock endless connectivity options for primary producers

Farmbot, a leading provider of remote monitoring solutions for Australian agriculture, has launched its next generation satellite monitor which enables two-way communication between farm infrastructure and farmers via satellite connectivity.

Hot on the heels of the launch of the Farmbot Camera, the Farmbot Duplex Satellite Monitor is the central unit which will support the camera device and in the near future provide the ability for farmers to control pumps and gates.

Powered by Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) service, the new generation monitor provides farmers with two-way messaging via satellite, elevating the Farmbot platform from a monitoring solution, to a management solution. Not only will farmers be able to monitor data collected by sensors, they will also be able to direct a course of action depending on the connected asset.

Andrew Coppin, Managing Director, Farmbot said the technology will have countless applications for farmers in Australia.

“It’s going to enable farmers to take an image, close a gate or turn on a pump, all without having to physically change locations, saving them time, money and enabling them to focus on other matters, he said.

“Additionally, because the technology leverages satellites, the functionality can be accessed from anywhere at any time, mitigating the cellular connectivity issue that has hampered some on-farm technology adoption.”

Although two-way communications via satellite has been possible before, this is the first time it will be made readily available at an affordable ongoing price for Australian farmers.

According to Mr Coppin, the Duplex Satellite Monitor will create boundless possibilities for on-farm connectivity for primary producers.

“This next generation unit will be the workhorse for the farm of the future,” Mr Coppin said.

“Not only will producers be able to communicate directly with our own products like the soon-to-be-released Farmbot Camera, but the vision is that Duplex Satellite Monitor forms the backbone of an entire open, connected farm ecosystem,” he said.

Steven Tompkins, Director of Sector Development at Inmarsat said: “Satellite connectivity is the way forward for Australian agriculture. We are pleased to be able to support the Farmbot Duplex Satellite Monitor technology, which is enabled by Inmarsat’s IsatData Pro (IDP) service. The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) has been hamstrung in Australian agriculture by inconsistent and unreliable cellular connectivity. This partnership between Farmbot, Inmarsat and our Australian distributor, Pivotel, changes everything and opens up a new world of possibilities for Australian agriculture.”

Peter Bolger, CEO of Pivotel, one of Australia’s leading critical communications providers says this product represents a unique opportunity for Australian farmers.

“We are incredibly excited to see this product reach Australian primary producers. The Farmbot Duplex Satellite Monitor brings together best-in-breed global innovation and local Australian ingenuity. Affordable, always-on remote monitoring was once a pipe dream for Australian farmers. Now, it is a reality,” he said.

Though powered by the Inmarsat IDP service, the technology has been tailored for its application in Australian agriculture by a team of local engineers based in Farmbot’s R&D facility in Sydney.

The new unit will retain all the unique functional benefits of the previous generation including a robust housing built to withstand Australian weather extremes, ‘plug-and-play’ simplicity with set-up and install taking approximately 10 minutes, satellite and cellular functionality and a solar-powered battery with up to a week of power storage.

Customers wishing to purchase the Farmbot Duplex Satellite Monitor should visit:


About Farmbot
Farmbot Monitoring Solutions is a leading Australian Agtech company in the Internet of Things (IoT) and precision agriculture. The company monitors and reports on-farm water ecosystems delivering near real-time reporting on water trends, consumption and demand. As water is the lifeblood of all agricultural endeavours a detailed understanding of its usage helps farmers make better management decisions around asset utilisation, resource allocations and stock carrying capacities.

About Inmarsat
Inmarsat is the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications. It owns and operates the world’s most diverse global portfolio of mobile telecommunications satellite networks, and holds a multi-layered, global spectrum portfolio, covering L-band, Ka-band and S-band, enabling unparalleled breadth and diversity in the solutions it provides. Inmarsat’s long-established global distribution network includes not only the world’s leading channel partners but also its own strong direct retail capabilities, enabling end to end customer service assurance.

The company has an unrivalled track record of operating the world’s most reliable global mobile satellite telecommunications networks, sustaining business and mission critical safety & operational applications for more than 40 years. It is also a major driving force behind technological innovation in mobile satellite communications, sustaining its leadership through a substantial investment and a powerful network of technology and manufacturing partners.

Inmarsat operates across a diversified portfolio of sectors with the financial resources to fund its business strategy and holds leading positions in the Maritime, Government, Aviation and Enterprise satcoms markets, operating consistently as a trusted, responsive and high-quality partner to its customers across the globe. For further information, follow us: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram.

About Pivotel
Pivotel is Australian owned and operated with unrivalled expertise in critical communications providing solutions to people who live, work and play outside of mobile coverage. Pivotel’s headquarters are located on the Gold Coast, Queensland with offices spread around Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, Latin America and Indonesia.

All of Pivotel’s customer touchpoints are local, supported by an experienced network of engineers, application developers, customer care agents and a network of over 200 dealers.

Pivotel is the only Australian carrier with direct connection to the world’s four major mobile satellite networks: Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Globalstar. The company’s suite of satellite and mobile technologies enable remote connectivity via satellite phones, satellite broadband, personnel and asset trackers, IoT, Machine-to-Machine connections and specialised maritime communications.

Pivotel Group’s 4G mobile network, ecoSphere®, extends its carrier network to deliver complementary terrestrial wireless services to rural and remote Australians operating outside the coverage footprint of the major mobile networks.