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Press Release

Fidelity FundsNetwork top selling ISA funds in 2011 and predictions for ISA destinations in 2012

Tom Stevenson, Investment Director comments: "ISA investments in 2011 were very focused on income, reflecting the continued poor returns available on cash deposits in a low interest rate environment. I am pleased to see that equity income is one of the top choices, as the high-quality dividend income available on blue-chip shares today represents one of the best market opportunities in my opinion. Dividends have long provided the lion's share of total returns from equities and I expect this trend to continue into 2012, especially if markets remain volatile.

"The cautious managed sector was the most popular sector, highlighting investors' continuing risk averse sentiment. I hope that during 2012 investors will not let that nervousness prevent them from making the most of their ISA allowance, which is a use-it-or-lose-it perk. If they are unsure of where to invest, a multi asset fund will provide exposure to the markets but put the asset allocation in the hands of an expert. Also, if they are unsure if the time is right to invest, investors should consider using a cash park until they are more certain where they want to use their ISA allowance."

Top selling sectors*

  1. Cautious Managed

  2. UK Equity Income

  3. UK All Companies

  4. Global

  5. UK Money Market

  6. Strategic Bond

  7. UK Corporate Bond

  8. Specialist

  9. Asia Pacific Excluding Japan

  10. Global Emerging Markets

Top selling funds

  1. Invesco Perpetual High Income Fund

  2. Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio

  3. Invesco Perpetual Monthly Income Plus Fund

  4. M&G Recovery Fund

  5. Invesco Perpetual Distribution Fund

  6. Aberdeen Emerging Markets Fund

  7. Fidelity MoneyBuilder Income Fund

  8. M&G Optimal Income Fund

  9. M&G Global Basics Fund

  10. M&G Strategic Corporate Bond Fund

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Notes to Editors

* Excluding Fidelity FundsNetwork ISA cash park

Any opinions expressed are made at the time of writing and can be subject to change without notification.

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Laura Brownsell
Fidelity Worldwide Investment

Press Office Address: Fidelity Worldwide Investment, 25 Cannon Street, London, EC4M 5TA

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