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Filestream Launches Free Officio DM Document Management Software - Removing the Barrier to Entry for Individuals and SMEs


March 19, 2018 - Filestream announces today the launch of a new product suite - OfficioDM and OfficioDM Pro - document management software designed to make storing, indexing and retrieving information quick and easy, regardless of the size of your organisation. The best news is that at entry level OfficioDM also costs nothing to use.

OfficioDM is FREE for Single Users

Filestream is offering a single user licence for OfficioDM for free. This is the first time a solution built using robust enterprise-class technology has been provided in this way. There are no time limits. The software is free for life along with updates.

Delivering 256-bit encryption and password protection, OfficioDM is perfect for individuals or SMEs[1] and can store a maximum of 10,000 documents in up to five cabinets with 4 index fields each.

Simply download the software from Filestream’s website to any Windows PC and common file types like PDF, JPEG and Microsoft Office documents can be accessed using the viewer provided. Other document types require the relevant application to access them.

OfficioDM is Microsoft Windows 10 and touch screen compatible and has a modern intuitive design so really no training is required although optional support calls are available priced at £25 per call.

Charles Hooker, Filestream’s managing director, says, “Most businesses still don’t use document management effectively thereby wasting a huge amount of space, time and money managing their affairs. What is exciting about OfficioDM is that we have now made the benefits of document management available to everyone. With the initial cost removed, individuals and businesses can now experience for themselves the business process efficiencies and cost savings delivered by EDMS solutions. Our EDMS[2] solutions start with OfficioDM and scale from there to cater for all document management needs irrespective of business size or industry.“

Upgrade to OfficioDM Pro with Packages Starting from just £200 per Annum

For those who want more document capacity, multi user, mobile or cloud capability, OfficioDM can be upgraded to OfficioDM Pro for just £200 per year for three users - scalable to a maximum capacity of 15 staff with the purchase of additional packs of three licences.

Officio DM Pro can run on premise accessed by the corporate network or as a cloud service with cloud solutions starting from £25.00.

Officio DM Pro provides a host of features designed to make electronic filing easy and can also handle multi-lingual requirements in English, French, German and Spanish:

  • Handles up to 1.25 million documents in up to five Microsoft SQL Express databases with system administrators able to limit access to authorised staff. Each database can contain 250,000 documents;
  • Provides 10 customisable cabinets per database with up to eight index fields each. Indexing means that it is quick and easy to then search and find information based on simple drop-down menus;
  • Delivers access to the system on the move using a free mobile app offering Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile support. This requires an external facing IP address to allow the app to access company data outside the corporate network;
  • Enables electronic documents - even emails - to be saved straight into the system or by connecting a scanner to digitise paper using the document capture interface included. OfficioDM Pro allows users to scan into an in-tray or index documents directly into one of the customisable cabinets;
  • Allows most document types to be accessed using the built-in Oracle viewer without an application having to be opened. This saves time looking at information in the system;
  • Adds Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability for fast searching based on key words;

All product updates and remote support is free of charge for the first year for OfficioDM Pro users. Thereafter, although the software will still run, an annual support cost is made. This is inexpensive and gives security and peace of mind given the importance of most business-critical information.

Charles Hooker, says, “A lot of SME focused document management software is really quite poor. Utilising an enterprise-class architecture, OfficioDM and Officio Pro have been developed capitalising on 15 years expertise gained developing our main Filestream system. It’s easy to get all your documents organised and stored in one place, make them accessible to everyone - even when you’re mobile. Filestream is dedicated to making it simple for individuals and businesses to get organised and remove paper to improve business processes, improve communications and productivity - all at a very attractive price such that struggling on with paper clutter really ought to be a thing of the past.”

[1] Small to medium sized enterprises
[2] Electronic document management

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Further information about OfficioDM and OfficioDM Pro
For more information about OfficioDM and OfficeDM Pro and to view demonstration films, please visit

About Filestream Limited
Filestream Ltd, based in Wokingham, Berkshire, is a leading provider of secure, electronic document management/filing systems (EDMS). We help businesses of all shapes and sizes, across multiple sectors, to streamline their document management filing, which delivers improved business process performance, improves corporate and departmental communication and improves security. Our staff are experts in helping businesses to improve their business processes and have been working in this field for over 20 years.

We offer document management systems for small businesses through to enterprise-wide solutions for multi-national businesses. Our customer-focussed document filing systems are developed by our in-house development teams in the UK. Our systems utilise encryption technology, disaster recovery, and integration with other systems (including accounting), easy retrieval, archive & storage and scanning solutions.

Our products utilise the most up-to-date security software techniques (including encryption) ensuring GDPR compliance and best practice. They can interface and integrate with existing systems (including accounting packages) as necessary, providing improved business processing, and better communications with clients, staff, departments and suppliers. Our filing systems are completely scalable, flexible and we offer clear up-grade plans to meet the needs of growing businesses.

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