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Flexion Wrapper Now Integrates SponsorPay Offer Wall Solution


New Payment Model Increases Monetisation Models for Android Developers

LONDON, 10 May 2012 – Flexion Mobile Limited, the company that provides monetisation solutions for mobile apps, today announced that it will be offering a new model for developers in the form of an offer wall solution from SponsorPay, Europe’s top offer-based payments provider.

SponsorPay’s global cross-platform advertising solution monetises premium content or virtual currency on social networks, virtual worlds and mobile apps as well as online games and services. The global agreement between Flexion Mobile and SponsorPay means that, in addition to offering in-app billing through the Flexion wrapper, developers will also be able to give users the option to make credit-based purchases within their content.

The move is part of Flexion’s strategy to increase direct monetisation models for Android developers. Although large volumes of Android apps are now being distributed, developers are still struggling to make money. However, Flexion’s wrapper technology can be applied to any Android application and can increase the payment options, which now include an offer wall.

For developers, the unique aspect of the Flexion wrapper solution combined with the SponsorPay offer wall is that both premium and non-premium models can live alongside each other in the same product to maximise uptake without any changes to the product.

“Many Android developers have had bad experiences with the Android market and are disappointed with the revenue opportunities available. But it is possible to make money from Android, and we want to help developers do just that,” said Jens Lauritzson, CEO of Flexion. “SponsorPay is a great alternative option for developers to create a revenue stream.”

The SponsorPay platform offers app install and engagement campaigns, video ads and mobile cost-per-action (mCPA) offers. When using a Flexion enabled product, customers get free credits to start with and can try the application free for a period. Customers can earn credits by taking part in advertising offers and these credits can be used to buy further access to the wrapped product. Initially, credits are only valid in the product where they are generated but Flexion has plans to make it a universal currency in order for customers to earn and spend credits in any Flexion wrapped product.

By integrating SponsorPay, developers are able to launch their products in Google Play and other Android channels with a new monetisation solution without the need for expensive and time-consuming additional build and testing time. Currently most developers are struggling to generate enough revenue from either the premium or ad-funded models on Android. Whilst Google Play provides good distribution, especially for free-to-download content, developers have found that they get lots of traffic but can’t monetise. Now Flexion Mobile offers another solution that will improve monetisation rates.

Flexion already offers operator billing in more than 70 markets and this new solution is a combined offering where users can pay premium or with credits.

Currently, Flexion sees conversion rates from free trial to full purchase of around 10% on Android. With the introduction of the new offer wall feature, the company is aiming to increase uptake significantly and to bring mobile games to a wider audience.

“In the past, developers had to choose at the design stage whether to go premium, freemium or free-to-play. Now we give them the chance to focus on developing the best possible product and decide at launch which monetisation model to use and even change it dynamically depending on the outcome. Pay-and-download is a thing of the past and we help developers making the most of the new freemium models without asking them to rebuild their products,” continued Jens. “By integrating SponsorPay into our wrapper, we make sure that developers get one of the best advertising solutions in the market and provide them with an additional revenue stream.”

Flexion currently works with most of the top content providers and during the first quarter of 2012, generated 34.7 million new end users on its platform.


About Flexion Mobile
The Flexion wrapping engine automatically prepares any J2ME, Blackberry or Android application and acts as the gateway to delivering a flexible pricing, DRM, offer wall or advertising platform which can be managed by the retailer. Its Discovery feature offers a fully dynamic in-application browser which can be used to deliver any type of store front and can be integrated with 3rd party stores or advertising with little effort.

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