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FusionStorm Launches Artificial Intelligence as a Service


New service will help enterprises of all sizes utilize the power of AI.

San Francisco, Calif. – October 16, 2018FusionStorm, an award-winning IT solutions provider, is excited to launch a new offering, Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS).

AI is a multidisciplinary field of science whose goal is to create intelligent machines. AI is set to generate huge technological progress in coming years, driven by the intense collection of data in a digital world. Actual applications of AI include machine learning, which uses statistical methodologies to progressively improve model performance, and deep learning, which attempts to mimic the neurons in the brain to recognize complex patterns in data.

AIaaS will help companies leverage the power of AI through an end-to-end solution that goes far beyond simply providing the relevant hardware, into the realm of solving tangible business problems. AIaaS can help with everything from data cleaning to modeling and ensuring code is scalable. FusionStorm’s unique approach combines hardware, software, and services to drive AI to its customers.

Most businesses are now switched on to the incredible opportunities offered by AI. However, with so many hardware and software options available, very few organizations have enough knowledge around AI to implement and utilize it effectively. Matt Fornito, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning at FusionStorm, says: “AI lives and breathes in all industries, but it’s difficult for most businesses to harness it in a meaningful way. FusionStorm has already helped companies from verticals including retail, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and even self-driving cars. We’re excited to continue helping companies to grow with our new service.”

FusionStorm is also able to assist companies that would like to explore the opportunities of AI and are considering investing in an on-premise solution like an NVIDIA DGX. Using FusionStorm’s DGX/AIRI system, customers can trial and test workloads and build deep learning models. This will give organizations a sense of what they can accomplish with deep learning and AI.

FusionStorm is also focused on tailoring AIaaS to the requirements of key customer contacts. This can help businesses grasp not just how AI can be applied, but how it will help them meet targets and solve pain points. “Different contacts have different priorities,” Fornito explains. “Whereas marketing and strategy officers will be looking to understand customers better to reduce problems like churn, IT professionals care more about the performance or latency of AI systems. Meanwhile, at organizations that have data scientists in house, they’ll be considering how to rapidly build and deploy deep learning models to solve business problems.”

FusionStorm’s understanding of the applications of AI means they can communicate effectively with all of these contacts, and even help build those bridges of communication internally. Ultimately, this technology has exciting implications for nearly all modern businesses – and AIaaS will allow them to harness it in a meaningful way.

“The use of AI and Machine Learning has become a strategic requirement for both private and public organizations to outpace competitors, optimize analytics, improve customer experiences and capitalize on domain expertise”, says Christian Smith, Vice President of Products at Igneous Systems. “Together with FusionStorm we have implemented AI and Machine Learning solutions to help medical research firms to organize and manage data workflows to build AI/ML models to accelerate cancer diagnosis. FusionStorm is building an industry leading AI/ML practice through the addition of data scientists like Matt Fornito, who have the proven expertise and experience to make AI/ML effective today.”

For more information on FusionStorm’s Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaas) offering, please visit

About FusionStorm
FusionStorm is an award-winning IT solution provider with national U.S. coverage and global distribution capabilities. FusionStorm has a proven track record of success providing best-of-breed technology solutions to enterprises of all sizes, including some of the world’s largest brands.

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