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FusionStorm Launches New Service to Streamline Endpoint Device Deployment, Saving Companies Up To $950 Per Device


Accelerated Endpoint as a Service set to transform employee onboarding processes and IT deployments.

San Francisco, Calif., – September 18th, 2018 – FusionStorm, one of the most innovative IT solutions providers in the United States, has announced the launch of its new Accelerated Endpoint as a Service (AEaaS) solution. Utilizing a blend of automation, logistics and creativity, AEaaS transforms the end user onboarding process by streamlining laptop/desktop deployments while providing capabilities to immerse new hires in a company’s brand.

The time investment and costs associated with setting up a new employee’s technology are pain points for most companies. According to research by Allied HR IQ, it costs companies $11,000 on average to fill a position and it can take a year before the employee is truly productive. AEaaS allows new employees to engage in their work and start contributing from day one. This is an attractive situation for fast moving companies concerned not only with productivity, but corporate culture.

Companies using the new service can integrate AEaaS with their existing ITSM, CRM, or HR solutions, directly notifying FusionStorm when a new hire has been made. FusionStorm can then pull equipment from stock, provision the gear, and handle the logistics of delivery, anywhere in the world. By stocking the relevant equipment in reserve, AEaaS empowers businesses to receive the devices they need with significantly lower lead times, improved security, asset management, inventory tracking, robust reporting and 24/7 support.

“Many businesses are frustrated by the long lead times involved in ordering stock, not to mention the hassle of setting up new users,” says Chris Peruch, Technical Sales Director at FusionStorm. “However, keeping technology ‘in stock’ on premise can be very costly for most enterprises, forcing organizations to pay for unused technology, organize storage, and start the warranty period of a product before it is needed.”

Using a deployment service can also reduce associated IT labor costs by an estimated 73%, resulting in savings of $950 per device. Better still, the alleviation of resources allows IT professionals to focus on more value-adding tasks.

“The ‘new-hire’ experience is crucial to an employee’s perception of a company and its culture, so getting onboarding right is a big priority for most businesses,” says Peruch. “But existing staff also stand to benefit. Onboarding and off-boarding processes are complicated, costly and timely endeavors for most HR and IT teams. AEaaS can free up time spent on these tasks, allowing employees to focus on the bigger picture.”

FusionStorm can even add personal touches, including branded third party items, when they are deploying equipment. Peruch comments: “These customized experience kits are just one example of our bespoke approach. We are big enough to handle the complicated mechanics, but we still retain a boutique feel that lets us tailor solutions to clients.” In addition, companies can also use FusionStorm’s AEaaS for large-scale corporate IT refreshes, allowing users to have the most current, up to date hardware and operating systems.

To discover more about minimizing the costs of onboarding, boosting productivity and enhancing the roles of existing IT staff, visit Alternatively, contact FusionStorm directly at

About FusionStorm
FusionStorm is an award-winning IT solution provider with national U.S. coverage and global distribution capabilities. FusionStorm has a proven track record of success providing best-of-breed technology solutions to enterprises of all sizes, including some of the world’s largest brands.

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