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GPS 2U Splitter with Dual Antennas Available Now From GPS Source


GPS Source, Inc. is pleased to announce they have been selected by a Scandinavian multinational networking and telecommunications equipment and services company to supply GPS rackmount splitters for their new tech centers.

PUEBLO, Colorado, USA (February 2017). GPS Source announced today they would supply GPS/GNSS splitters to a Scandinavian multinational telecommunications equipment and services technology company. The RMS232 splitter will be supporting this company’s overall goal of efficient use of power and space with a rackmount housing that allows up to 32 timing synchronization devices to share one GPS signal.


“Central to their selection of the GPS Source rackmount is redundancy achieved through the integration of dual antenna input and power supplies” said Kurt Williams, Director of Sales and Marketing. This technology ensures the rackmount will continue to receive a timing signal and support multiple timing synchronization modules should an antenna, cable or power supply fail.

The technology centers are designed to emulate an operator’s mobile network and to test new solutions before integration onto a live network. This robust process provides trouble shooting well in advance of technology deployment and dovetails nicely with the redundant capability of the RMS232, which allows remote monitoring.

This telecommunication equipment company’s goal of creating a more sustainable future is fully supported by the RMS232 which allows one device to support up to 32 synchronization devices. Previous solutions have required multiple antennas and multiple power sources to receive and transmit a GPS/GNSS signal for timing meaning that every antenna required space on the roof and power. The RMS232 streamlines operations with the use of one antenna requiring power and splitting the signal for multiple devices. Their investment in GPS Source equipment will ensure that their solutions are effective, provide redundancy and customer quality of service leads the market.

Founded in 2000, GPS Source, Inc. designs and manufactures GPS signal distribution products which support telecom, manufacturing, timing, and defense markets. GPS Source creates unique solutions that bring GPS inside for the defense, aerospace, commercial, and public sectors. Their solutions enable GPS and timing equipment to enable a more densified network and acquire signals in otherwise denied environments, such as base station units (BTUs), remote radio heads (RRHs), aircraft maintenance hangars, train tunnels, etc. GPS Source, Inc. is a veteran owned small business and an AS9100 certified company. For more information, visit


Brandie Chenoweth, Marketing Manager
GPS Source, Inc.
(719) 561-9520