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Get real sizzle from your grilling....... Italian home, garden and electrical goods portal,, offers advice on buying the perfect BBQ


London, July 21, 2016 – With temperatures rocketing to 35 degrees centigrade on Tuesday, Britain sweltered on the hottest day of the year so far. And the great weather makes it perfect for getting outside, getting the drinks on ice and cooking on a barbecue., a leading Italian e-commerce portal for home furnishings, garden and electrical goods, is a specialist in barbecuing thanks to the availability of more than 15 leading brands on the site and hundreds of BBQ related products available, from tongs to turn your meat to chicken rotisserie kits. It’s easy to find the best BBQ solution on the site to suit every household, budget and, most of all, cooking taste.

Campingaz Bonesco Small
Campingaz Bonesco Small

How to choose the perfect barbecue?
With so many types of BBQ about - big, small, masonry or portable, gas, wood-burning or charcoal grills – you’d be forgiven for getting confused. To choose the right one, think about the end result you actually want from your cooking as the type of product affects the taste of the food and the cooking time. Generally, those who love the flavour of the grilled meat or fish are better off selecting a wood-burning, coal or charcoal barbecue, while those who want more turn-on convenience should opt for gas or electric solutions.

Size does matter
On the choice is wide, from portable solutions which are light, have rubber feet or wheels, and even ultraportable ones, which are easy to assemble and then pack up and store in a bag. Materials and the accessories make the difference here: steel is better in terms of durability and cleanliness, and the presence of a drip tray for ash is really helpful. Have a look at the Dolcevita Alex 57N model, with curvy and elegant lines, or the Tornado Rosso by Ferraboli, with its practical suitcase.

The choice of wood
For purists, there is nothing better than cooking meat using the embers from wood, even better if they come from trees like olive, oak, ash, beech, poplar or cherry. The best option for those who love this kind of barbecue are undoubtedly models with a brazier, an additional item positioned at the back of the grill to hold the firewood. This is available on the Ferraboli Planet Inox, a professional barbecue which also has wheels, and on the BK 12 ELITE by Famur.

Charcoal or briquettes?
For those people who have limited time or opportunity to cook over wood embers, opting for a bag of lumpwood charcoal or briquettes makes more sense. Charcoal derives from different types of wood, generally of low quality, and burns quite quickly. Charcoal briquettes, invented in the 1920s by none other than car manufacturer, Henry Ford, combine charcoal with some coal and binding agents to make the little bricks.

In terms of barbecue choice, there are some innovations that offer not only practicality and design, but speed up preparation. For example, Campingaz’s Quick Start Technology system – used in its Bonesco Small model – reduces charcoal lighting time to just 10 minutes thanks to a combination of gas to light the barbecue and a chimney design which then controls airflow into it.

Use gas to grill for time pressed people
An even more practical and faster solution for grilling is the gas BBQ. Prices vary based on the size of the barbecue, material, shelves, number and quality of plates and burners. In this category offers an extremely wide choice too, from the cheapest gas barbecues, like Expert Plus by Campingaz, to more lavish ones, like the Turbo Classic 6 BDT6C by Dolcevita. Then there are others which have special burners so you can cook without making smoke or flames. Have a look at Campingaz’s 2 SERIES RBS L and 2 SERIES RBS LXS models.

Masonry or recessed barbecues
But those who want to barbecue a lot or prefer a more stable structure which can be left in a corner of a garden, masonry BBQs are available which again vary in size based on the specific design. Some come with chimneys to help channel the smoke away. An example on is Outdoors New Jersey Crystal by Sunday which is elegant and works both with charcoal and wood.

Last but not least, accessories make the whole cooking experience easier and quicker with flawless results guaranteed. is able to fulfil the wishes of even the most discerning BBQ fan: from a steak grill in Soapstone to skewers and electric roasting kits, not forgetting grills for fish and hand bellows to rekindle flames when they go out!

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About is a leading Italian eCommerce distributor of home furnishings, garden and electrical goods. Its catalogue now includes 30,000 products from 200 brands.

Founded in 2007 by two young entrepreneurs from Milan, Demetrio Triglia and Alessandro Andreazza, the business concept was initially to make Italian furniture and design brands easily available abroad. To date, over 112,000 products have been shipped to 90 countries around the world with the site now supporting eight different languages.

The site’s principle brands have expanded to include: Driade, Emu Calligaris, Kartell, Flos, Catellan, Bontempi, Pedrali, Midj, Whirlpool, Miele, Hotpoint-Ariston, Lofra, Smeg, Foster, Siemens, Bosch, Varier. now receives more than 4 million visits annually, with the business posting revenues of €5.4 million in 2015 – up 24% on the year before. Key markets for include the UK, France, Switzerland, Germany, the USA and, of course, Italy.

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