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Great demand for carbon-neutral consumer products


Consumers are increasingly thinking about how their personal consumption can support climate action. Labels that inform about the CO2 emissions or the carbon neutrality of a product serve as important decision-making tools.

This is the result of a representative survey, carried out by market research institute Appinio on behalf of ClimatePartner. More than 1000 consumers between 16 and 65 in central Europe gave feedback.

  • Over 90 % believe contributing to climate action is fundamentally important.
  • 50% already pay attention to information on the CO2 emissions of products, especially in the cases of food and cosmetics.
  • Over 60% buy only environmentally friendly products, or try to do so as much as possible.
  • 21% of the younger respondents are willing to pay higher prices for environmentally friendly products.
  • 74% see the "climate neutral" label from ClimatePartner as a useful decision-making tool.
  • 77% would actively look for such a label when shopping in the future.

Taking on climate action when shopping
The survey also shows that the majority of respondents already has a basic understanding about the principle of carbon neutrality or climate neutrality.

Moritz Lehmkuhl, CEO of ClimatePartner, has said: "When it comes to reducing and avoiding global CO2 emissions, private consumption also plays an important role. Consumers can use their decisions to influence companies to make their product range more climate-friendly and to further reduce their CO2 emissions."

However, further measures are still necessary to limit global warming. "Taking on climate action through shopping also means to change consumption behaviour in general. This includes, for example, more regional and less emission-intensive food, preference to products with a high recycled material content and refraining from unnecessary consumption," adds Lehmkuhl.

The study can be obtained here:

ClimatePartner is a pioneer and innovation leader in solutions for corporate climate action. ClimatePartner develops solutions for calculating carbon footprints reducing and offsetting carbon emissions in order to make products and services climate-neutral. The associated IT solution is certified by TÜV-Austria.

ClimatePartner offers a wide portfolio of recognised carbon offset projects in collaboration with a global partner network. The company was founded in Munich in 2006, has over 150 employees and more than 3,000 customers today.

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