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Habbo Chat Is Reinstated In France, Germany, Italy And The Netherlands


Sulake CEO Paul Lafontaine Opens Applications For Parents Advisory Summit

  • Company demonstrates continuing commitment to listening and learning

  • Parents Advisory Summit: parents to apply directly and users to nominate

  • All parents are invited to submit contributions and views

A message from Sulake CEO Paul LaFontaine:

“Following the successful reintroduction of white list chat to Finland, Spain and Brazil in recent days, I can now confirm that we are preparing to reinstate chat facilities into our French, German Italian and Dutch Habbo sites on Friday 29 June.

“The site is visibly different, with users unable to talk until they have completed a safety quiz to demonstrate that they are aware of the security facilities in place and understand their own role in actively contributing to the safety of the site. Users now earn the right to speak more freely, meaning that they are rewarded for responsible behaviour as part of our focus on driving a culture change across the community.

“We are aware that creating a safe and secure user experience is a responsibility shared by the company, legitimate users and their parents. For this reason, we are now calling for parents to participate in our Parental Advisory Summit. It’s our chance to understand better how we can collaborate with parents to deliver the best possible levels of safety to our users.

“Parents can apply to be part of this global forum and users can nominate parents via an online form. We are going to select two parents from each of the ten countries in which we operate to create a council of twenty. Applications will be open for one week before a short list is drawn up and successful applicants are contacted. The Summit will take the form of a three-day online forum, facilitated by senior manager from the Sulake business. Interested users and parents can find out more information and apply on this link:

“For parents whose applications are unsuccessful and for those who do not wish to take part in the Summit, but would like to contribute, we have also set up an email address: This is an important learning exercise to help us finalise the future direction of the business, and all constructive contributions will be warmly welcomed.”

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