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High speed internet is becoming the fourth utility, but de-skilling is critical if U.S. targets to be reached with minimum disruption, says Emtelle


Louisville, KY. 03 October 2017: De-skilling of installation staff throughout the US is absolutely critical if targets for mass deployment of optical fiber are to be achieved without unacceptable disruption in towns and cities as street-works are carried out. This was the warning given on today’s opening day of ICUEE in Louisville, Kentucky by Emtelle, a leading provider of blown fiber and ducted network solutions for the telecoms industry.

“The continuous proliferation in new uses in our Internet Everywhere – Mobile Everything world is putting an ever-increasing strain on our current broadband networks. While the industry is willing to invest, the sheer volume of what needs to be done to keep pace with demand is what really causes the logjam. Operators are crying out for simple, straightforward solutions that speed up the installation process,” said Colin Kirkpatrick, Emtelle’s International Business Development Director, on the opening day of ICUEE 2017.

“America prides itself on leading the world in the digital revolution and the introduction of new services and applications. The diversity of devices, from Smartphones to VR headsets, fitness trackers and Internet of Things gadgets help to build the pressure on current networks, with data from mobile devices growing by some 53% per year. At the same time, consumers clamor for even more high-bandwidth entertainment options such as video streaming, interactive gaming, 3D virtual reality systems and AR. Relieving this pressure can only be done with a mass roll-out of optical fiber. This in turn can only be completed in the targeted time frames by finding innovative ways of making fiber faster, simpler and cheaper to deploy, while finding ways to keep streetside disruption to a minimum.”

From its headquarters in Hawick, Scotland, Emtelle has been progressively expanding its international operations to create a strong North American presence to address its growing global customer base. The company helps its operator customers save time and money by providing solutions for their FTTH roll-outs. For Ting Fiber in Holly Springs, NC, for example, Emtelle is supplying complete, cost-effective blown fiber solutions that allow the company to pass 1,000 homes per month.

Emtelle has also recently launched its new QWK connect solution in the US – a duct that can be installed underground (direct buried and ducted), along walls, or even overhead, including wifi antennas. The solution, which is already in use with several customers, has fiber pre-installed and is able to be connectorized at one end or both ends. No blowing or fiber splicing is required for the customer drop and it is easy to install, with minimal training required, which massively reduces CapEx for installation equipment.

Colin Kirkpatrick added: “America’s targets for ultra-fast broadband deployment are ambitious but necessary if the telecoms industry is to keep pace with the many new creative ways America’s companies are devising to use the internet, and to meet the demands of consumers for new and innovative services. The industry is determined to achieve it and we are proud to have taken so many important steps in the development of solutions and partnerships that help make this possible throughout the USA.”

Emtelle will be attending the ICUEE Exhibition and Conference from 3rd-5th October in Louisville, Kentucky.

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About Emtelle
Emtelle, founded in 1980 in Jedburgh, Scotland, is a global leader in the manufacturing of blown fiber and ducted solutions. Over the 35 years it has been operating, Emtelle has assisted all the key players with FTTH roll-outs worldwide. Its emphasis is on listening to customer requirements, and designing innovative and unique products to meet the needs of customer projects. At the same time it focuses on creating best value, reducing total project costs and minimizing installation time and disruption.

Emtelle’s sales and technical teams work together globally to provide the highest standard of excellence throughout all its activities, including in customer service, and to maintain industry leadership in fiber and ducted networks by using the company’s production capacity to develop and perfect the best possible solutions. Emtelle also has dedicated staff in the US to provide field support to any customers in the region.

For more information about Emtelle, please go to or contact Brian Dolby on +44 (0) 7899 914168 or