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How do you reach the social media influencers?

We hate to mention the dreaded four-letter X-word, Xmas, but before you accept all those seasonal invitations, take our quiz to see you if are a party animal or a party pooper. On a more serious note we discuss social media influence, the importance of transparency and reasons for going digital when doing B2B PR.

Social media influence: How do you gauge whether you are reaching key influencers in social media?

Good and Bad PR: In this week’s round up of the best and worst PR, Rich Leigh cheers a chicken chain and endorses an energy drink, but takes offence at tax avoidance tactics.

Consumer research: Transparency trumps brand appeal when it comes to choosing brands. We discuss recent research into the importance of brands coming clean.

Hacked Off Flack: Are you a PR party animal or a party pooper? Take our silly columnist Hacked Off’s quiz to find out whether you deserve to be invited to the best parties this Christmas.

Day in the life: Singing nursery rhymes to her toddler and discussing PR projects with agencies are just two items on the agenda for Laura Ive, brand manager at pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim.

Opinion: Five arguments for going digital when doing business-to-business PR by Phil Szomszor, head of business and digital at PR agency Firefly. is an online PR magazine offering an insight into the world of public relations and communications. PRmoment Jobs is a specialist jobs board, updated daily with the best agency PR jobs in the UK, and the best in-house PR jobs in the UK.