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How to: Keep warm at home as the cold spell continues

With predictions of snow and frost set to continue over the next few weeks across the UK, it is important to keep the heat in and the cold out. Here are a few handy hints from HomeServe on quick and simple ways to ensure your home stays cosy for the rest of the cold spell.

Radiator tricks to keep warm:
With the onset of colder weather comes the worry of having to turn up the heat and the escalating bills that come with this. To make your radiator more effective, put aluminium foil between the radiator and the wall. This acts as a heat reflector, instead of allowing it to pass straight through the walls.

If possible, don't put furniture in front of your radiators, as this will soak up all the heat. And if you have a high ceilinged room, fit shelves above the radiator to stop too much heat escaping upwards.

If your home is cold first thing in the morning, rather than turning up your thermostat to make it heat up more quickly, set the boiler to come on a little earlier. This will use much less energy.

And remember to turn off radiators in rooms you don't use - but make sure these are well-insulated, to make sure you're keeping the cold shut out and stopping your warmth leaking into empty rooms.

Horsing around
Try not to dry clothes on the radiator directly. This stops heat reaching the rest of the room, which also means that the boiler has to work harder to reach the desired temperature, increasing the amount of energy used. It can also create damp, and perfect growing conditions for mould. Instead, hang clothing on a clothes horse close to the radiator, allowing heat to travel throughout the room and dry clothes at the same time. You can find out other ways to cut energy on the HomeServe website.

Draught-proofing windows
Finally, sealing draughts in windows and around the rest of your home is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways of keeping the heat in on those frosty days and nights. For windows that open, apply store bought draught-proofing strips that stick around the window frame.

More top tips for winter and other handy hints can be found on the HomeServe website on  

For further information please contact the HomeServe press office Michael Sheen or Joseph Bradfield on 020 7861 2525 or or

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