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World Teachers Day: How to Support Teachers in Today's Educational Environment


By Lea M. Baylis | Corporate Community Engagement Manager

On this World Teachers Day I want to take a moment to honor the special place that teachers hold in our communities. Educators have a tremendous influence on the lives of young people, as evidenced by how well we all remember our most (and least) favorite teachers.

Students working on projects in class
Students working on projects in class

In the last few years educators have been asked to change how and where they teach, to create new digital curriculum at a rapid pace, and to hold entire communities together by providing educational routines for our youth. Through all the disruptions and challenges educators have been facing, they continue to use hope as a tool to bring people together to learn about the world.

When you listen to teachers this World Teachers Day, you hear about overwhelm and burnout and being expected to perform several different roles at once. It sounds like an extraordinarily hard time to be an educator.

With a vision of helping to build a better planet, Keysight takes our corporate social responsibility to support educators to heart. Keysight helps teachers bring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) educational opportunities to their students as part of our community engagement strategy to drive community prosperity by empowering creative solutions to next generation challenges. One way that Keysight works to support teachers is by providing resources to support educators looking for easy-to-use lesson plans on open-source platforms, with no login required.

Keysight sponsors lesson plans on TryEngineering to encourage teachers to introduce engineering concepts in their classes with classroom-ready content. This saves several steps for educators who want to bring new hands-on projects to their students but don’t have time to plan a lesson, an activity, and a worksheet for each new project. The TryEngineering platform also has materials lists, activity instructions, engineering design challenges, student worksheets, translations of the material into other languages, and more, to support teachers as they work to integrate new projects into their classes.

Keysight also is a member of the STEM Careers Coalition (SCC), a national STEM initiative powered by corporate leaders to deliver educational resources through Discovery Education’s vast school district partners. Using the resources provided by SCC, teachers can access ready-to-use lessons on STEM topics as varied as video game design, fuels of the future, artificial intelligence, and eco-friendly manufacturing to integrate into their curriculum plan.

In addition to open-access content that Keysight helps enable on these platforms, the company’s partnership with the SCC additionally provides license access to elevated STEM education curriculum for under-resourced school districts. By partnering with organizations looking to support educators and the incredible work they do, Keysight is investing in accessible and sustainable STEM education opportunities for all.

On this World Teachers Day, we recognize that our corporate social responsibility mission to build a better planet is linked to the ability of teachers to provide students with a quality education. By investing in tools and resources for educators to bring hands-on STEM opportunities to their classrooms, Keysight is prioritizing the crucial work of teachers to support and empower the next generation. To all teachers around the world: thank you!

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