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INNO Instrument Launches World’s Most Advanced Series of Fusion Splicers at ECOC


INNO Instrument, the leader in fusion splicing devices, has announced that it will be launching its new, View product range at this year’s ECOC in Cannes. The new range is the most advanced on the market with the best user display viewing experience a fusion splicer can offer, whilst maximizing the performance features the market demands. The View range has three different variations based on your splicing requirements and are set to become the new industry standard for core-alignment and clad-alignment splicing in the telecommunications market.

The products boast the best performance in clear fibre profiling and low splicing loss due to their new unrivalled display viewing experience. Each product has a 5” high-resolution colour LCD touch screen with user-friendly intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) offering large and clear fibre images to users. By double-tapping the screen, users can zoom in and out of images to the world’s highest magnification of 520x, whilst providing LED lighting so when working in dark environments users can ensure accuracy of splicing. Along with improved splice and heat speeds, the View series has the best multitasking performance due to its improved operating system and lower power consumption and is more power efficient delivering higher performance per watt.

“As the name suggests, the new View series offers the best user display viewing experience on the market today,” said Alex An, marketing manager of INNO Instrument. Alex An continued “We have listened to our customers and one of the biggest problems was the display on splicing units. As fiber alignment and splice loss are based on fibre image, it is important to project a clear and sharp fibre image. This new viewing experience will no doubt save companies time and money with improved accuracy, coupled with the enhanced speed and performance of the new products.”

The View 7 is part of this portfolio and is the most powerful anti-shock core-alignment fusion splicer available on the market. Incorporating all of the display features of the new View portfolio it also offers the fastest heating time of 13 seconds and is 53% faster at splicing than previous models along with a new power-efficient operating system with ultra-high capacity battery power, providing all-day power for working in the field, which is the industry’s highest 355 splicing/heating cycle by 9800 mAh.

INNO Instrument, founded in 2007 in Seoul, Korea, is a fast growing international company. It operates in more than 60 territories and has partners and distributors globally, with the technologies that INNO instrument provides focused at providing installers and operators of fibre optic networks the best splicing products on the market. It already has offices in Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, the US and China etc. and it returns to ECOC this year with the launch of the world’s most powerful splicing device.

For further information or to arrange an interview with INNO instruments at ECOC or over the phone, please contact Beth Dyson +44(0)1636 812152 or by email to


About INNO Instrument
INNO Instrument, founded in Seoul, Korea in 2007, is one of the best key market participants in the global telecommunications industry. Inno products; ARC Fusion Splicer, High Precision Cleaver, and other accessories, are used in the telecommunication industry for the installation, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting of optical networks.

It operates in more than 60 territories, and has partners and distributors globally. Its offices are located in Korea, Hong Kong, Germany, the US and China etc. With its smart equipment, INNO Instrument intends to become the bridge connecting smart telecommunication environments around the world.