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Ignorance is bliss? – Facebook stalking parents regret what they find online


More than half of parents admit to stalking kids online, but dads are the biggest culprits

LONDON, UK, 9th May 2013: 56% of British dads confess to checking up on their kids via Facebook at least once a month, compared to 54% of mums according to research from student social networking website, which launches today. Inevitably though, these spying parents end up worrying more at what they find, with swearing, drunkenness and nudity featuring in the top five regrettable discoveries.’s research of 1,000 UK adults into the nation’s social networking experiences found that 50% of parents with kids on Facebook had regretted their snooping having witnessed something untoward. The top five most common worrying findings were:


1. Inappropriate comments from their friend32%
2. Comment / update in which they swore28%
3. An image of their child drunk 25%
4. A drunken status update21%
5. An image of their child naked17%

Tattoos, drug taking, smoking and being somewhere they shouldn’t also featured in the top ten findings.

The research also showed that the younger generation are only too aware of the upset their online behaviour can cause family members, with 18-24 year olds being the most concerned about parents prying into their posts online.

This temptation for parents to use Facebook to keep tabs on their children appears too great for many to resist. Of those who are connected to their kids, only 33% of mums and dads confirmed there was no way they would ever take a peek. has been launched specifically with this in mind; giving university students an online social network just for them, so they can communicate with friends without fear of recrimination from family members or future employers.

Users of Unii are authenticated via their student email address to sign up meaning their profiles can only be viewed by fellow students making it a truly closed environment.

“Most students wouldn’t invite their parents to a party, or loop them into a phone conversation, so why should they have to worry about what they might see on social networks?” explained Marco Nardone, 24-year old CEO of Unii. “University is a place where students experiment responsibly, make new friends and find their feet, so we’ve developed a social network that allows them to do just that solely amongst their peers. What happens at Uni, can now stay at Uni.”

Unii is now exclusively available to all current university and higher education students within the UK. Click here to find out more


Notes to editors
The research was carried out online by One Poll among 1,000 British adults.

About Unii
Launched in 2013, is a student only social network aimed at being a one-stop shop for students in higher education, helping them to make the most of their time at University. The site helps them to build and maintain their own network amongst fellow students whilst also encouraging them to participate in the student lifestyle through societies, clubs and events.

As students progress through University will also feature a comprehensive jobs board showing the latest internship placements, helping students to find their first crucial placement when or before they graduate.

Media Contacts
For more information or for images or for a demo of the Unii website please contact:
Hannah Wright / Kat Farminer
EML Wildfire
Tel: +44 208 408 8000