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InfinityQS aims to help manufacturers achieve significant savings by unlocking the data they already have


New research paper identifies how expanding view of quality data can enable firms to leverage opportunities to improve operations and profit margins

Increased computing and economic stress factors have seemingly seen the manufacturing industry exhaust its options for finding ways to cut cost without impacting quality. In light of this, new research from quality management software firm InfinityQS aims to show how firms can look to reaffirm quality across their products and services portfolio, by gaining visibility into the data obtained across the enterprise.

Fluctuating sector growth, the impact of Brexit, and apparent industry skills shortages have left a wave of unrest when it comes to investment and innovation. At a time when digital transformation sits high on most organisational agendas, the manufacturing sector risks being left adrift by more forward-thinking disciplines. One area in which we are most prominently seeing this is quality management processes. Michael Lyle, President and CEO of InfinityQS, comments:

“When people typically think of managing quality, it conjures up images of statistical process control charts used to study how a process changes over time – the main driver for this is to use the insights from the data to reduce recalls and ensure compliance standards are met. Today, the data gained from this can be used for so much more.

“Historically, the data collected from multiple sites and plants is rarely acted upon, and it often finds its way to the back of a stored cupboard or lumped into spreadsheets on a computer somewhere. The reality, however, is that this information has the power to unlock dramatic improvements in yield, compliance, and resource utilisation, especially when leveraged through cloud computing, which provides firms with an aggregated end-to-end view of production sites across the entire enterprise. Mobilising this data, firms are then able to gain insights to realise better efficiency, lower maintenance costs, reduced rework, improved communication across teams, and clearer management decisions.”

This latest research from InfinityQS is part of a series of whitepapers aimed at enabling firms to understand the importance of employing a continuous improvement programme by leveraging data to improve quality management processes. The overall goal is to improve enterprise visibility and operational insights in order to transform a business.

The paper includes real-life examples of InfinityQS customers who found millions in savings, managed to save plants that were on the verge of being shuttered, and more. Manufacturers can also find suggestions for getting started with a Quality Management solution that enables a new way of thinking about the potential of quality data.

Interested businesses can download “Global Transformation: Put Quality Data into Action” at

About InfinityQS International, Inc.
InfinityQS International, Inc. is the global authority on data-driven enterprise quality. The company’s Manufacturing Intelligence solutions deliver unparalleled visibility across the enterprise, from the shop floor to the boardroom, enabling manufacturers to Re-imagine Quality and transform it from a problem into a competitive advantage. Powered by centralized analytics, InfinityQS’s solutions provide operational insight to enable global manufacturers to improve product quality; decrease costs and risk; maintain or improve compliance; and make strategic, data-driven business decisions. Headquartered near Washington, D.C., with offices in Seattle, London, and Beijing, InfinityQS was founded in 1989 and now services more than 45,000 active licenses with more than 2,500 of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Ball Corporation, Boston Scientific, Graham Packaging, and Medtronic. For more information, visit

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