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Inspiring Workplaces announces its 2020 Top 101 Global Employee Engagement Influencer list


Global – October 06, 2020Inspiring Workplaces today announces its complete 2020 #Engagement101 list. Compiled with contributions from all around the globe, the list includes top influencers, practitioners and experts in the world of Employee Engagement and Experience.

This is the fourth time the annual list has been published, but the first time as Inspiring Workplaces (formerly The Employee Engagement Awards and Alliance). It recognises people from all walks of business: the boardroom, HR, wellbeing, employee experience, diversity & inclusion, internal communications, finance, technology and entrepreneurs. Each one has made a significant contribution to the development of Employee Engagement and the world of work.


Some inspire action, some educate, some recognise, and some have influence via social media. Some rip up the old and create new ways to engage people. But, all of the #Engagement101s are passionate about people and humanising the workplace.

The #Engagement101 is updated every year to take account of changes in the discipline and to recognise the people who have contributed something new.

Matt Manners, founder of Inspiring Workplaces, said: “Our organization’s purpose is to change the world, through the world of work. We created this list to be a source of inspiration. We want it to trigger people to emulate the #Engagement101 and inspire others from all walks of life. Now we are going to take it to the next level and collaborate with this community to deliver valuable outputs for the wider world of work. Watch this space over the next 12 months.”

Profiling and co-creating with the #Engagement101
Some of the 101s will be invited to speak at various events online and offline – a perfect opportunity to draw inspiration from their thinking and to meet them face-to-face.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we will be collaborating with this influencer community to create valuable outputs: guides, ebooks, webinars and much more for the wider world of work.

You can see the full 2020 #Engagement101 List below - listed in alphabetical order.

2020 #Engagement101 List

  • Alex Allen
  • David Beeney
  • April Bembridge
  • Josh Bersin
  • Helen Bissett
  • Steve Boese
  • Bruce Bolger
  • Amy Brann
  • Emma Bridger
  • Matt Burns
  • Rob Catalano
  • Jill Christensen
  • Carmen Collins
  • Debra Corey
  • David D’souza
  • Shereen Daniels
  • Traci Deveau
  • Jo Dodds
  • David Ducheyne
  • Chris Dyer
  • Amy Edmondson
  • Guy Ellis
  • Chester Elton
  • Gifty Enright
  • Ben Eubanks
  • Gregory F.Simpson
  • Jenni Field
  • Francis Frei
  • Steven Frost
  • Anne Fulton
  • Lewis Garrad
  • Jasmine Gartner
  • Jessica George
  • David Gill
  • Francesca Gino
  • Amy Goldfinger
  • China Gorman
  • Chuck Gose
  • Anthony Gray
  • David Green
  • Kevin Grossman
  • Jerry Gule
  • Keith Hatter
  • Aaron Hurst
  • Kate Jones
  • Kelly Joscelyne
  • Charlie Judy
  • Jill Katz
  • Bob Kelleher
  • Damon Klotz
  • Kevin Kruse
  • Kimberly Lanier
  • Jason Lauritsen
  • Josh Levine
  • David Littlechild
  • Aimee Lucas
  • Meghan M. Biro
  • Pearl Maphoshe
  • Ester Martinez
  • Debbie Mcgrath
  • Carmen Medina
  • Lise Michaud
  • Rachel Miller
  • Brett Minchington
  • Jacob Morgan
  • Gethin Nadin
  • Bob Nelson
  • Misty Oratokhai
  • Jody Ordioni
  • Thandi Orleyn
  • Stephen Owen
  • Advita Patel
  • Sesil Pir
  • Eugenio Pirri
  • Christopher Rainey
  • Stuart Rhys Thomas
  • Richard Roberts
  • Russell Robinson
  • Jane Roques-Shaw
  • Enrique Rubio
  • Steph Ryter
  • Asif Sadiq
  • Céline Schillinger
  • Lars Schmidt
  • Lance Secretan
  • Kim Seeling Smith
  • Vanessa Shaw
  • Brad Shuck
  • David Ssegawa
  • Matt Stephens
  • Julie Sullivan
  • Bruce Temkin
  • Perry Timms
  • Sean Trainor
  • Mike Vacanti
  • Karin Volo
  • Jeff Waldman
  • Lindsay Wolff Logsdon
  • Gamiel Yafai
  • Heather Younger
  • David Zinger

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About Inspiring Workplaces – change the world
Inspiring Workplaces is the result of the merger of the Employee Engagement Awards and the Employee Engagement Alliance. It is headquartered in the UK and operates in North America, Africa and Australasia. Part of its profits fund the Inspiring Workplaces Foundation, a not-for-profit organization designed to create the inspiring leaders of tomorrow. Full information on The Inspiring Workplaces Awards can be seen here

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