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Integrated Testing System for COVID-19 to be Trialled at an International Airport


Having been ignored by UK Government Ministers, TravelSafe Systems (TSS) is to trial its on-departure integrated testing system for Covid-19 at an international hub airport this month. It is also in negotiations to have similar trials at other airports.

Nick Lambe, Joint CEO of TSS, said, “I am, of course, disappointed that my own Government has ignored us but delighted that we have this opportunity to trial our 40 minute test for departing passengers at an International airport.

“At less than €40 per test, decreasing with volumes, the testing of all passengers, airport staff and flight crews provides a real opportunity to ensure that airports and planes are COVID-19 free. Linked to a digital certificate that is held on a passenger’s mobile device, the test results provide incontrovertible proof of that passenger’s health status regarding Covid-19.”

“Our mission is to make travel safe again and we are close to achieving that goal”.

The Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) test is a single-tube technique for the amplification of DNA, which delivers results in less than 40 minutes. It is more accurate than the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test and can be conducted at an airport without the need for a laboratory.

TSS has taken the LAMP testing a step further by integrating the results into iWarrant, a secure, smartphone- based, immutable application, providing a digital certificate to be used through check-in, security, duty free and boarding.


For further information, please contact:
Barry Joseph
Tel +44 (0)7747 611 116

Notes to Editors

TravelSafe Systems
TSS is a UK based company, established in March 2020, especially to help solve the aviation and tourism industries’ challenges due to Covid-19.

Its three principals are:

  • Nigel Trim (Joint CEO and Chief Scientific Officer)
    • Nigel has 35 years in bio and medical technology, including IVD/vaccine development and owns and operates an accredited lab for traditional and molecular biology testing.
  • Nicholas Lambe (Joint CEO):
    • Nick is a former RAF Officer with an extensive experience in providing solutions for operations, logistics and cyber security.
  • David Prior (Chief Technology Officer):
    • David has delivered advanced, innovative technology solutions to a wide-range of commercial, military and governments worldwide.

iWarrant is a digital wrapper to the TravelSafe Systems LAMP test. It manages a digital certificate that is held on a passenger’s mobile device, providing incontrovertible proof of that passenger’s current health status. Data used by iWarrant is secured on the passenger’s device, with only abstract identifiers being used to associate tests and results with a passenger. Test results are acquired at the point of analysis, providing a chain of custody for test results that increases confidence in the iWarrant certificate. Additional data, such as flights taken and locations visited, may be volunteered by the passenger in order to take advantage of post-travel risk notifications.

Demonstration Video