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IoT, Home Gateway take Centre Stage in Venice

HGI’s final meeting in Venice brings together key industry alliances focused on the Smart Home and the Home Gateway

26 February 2016. HGI today announced an impressive line-up for its Venice Symposium, where leading industry alliances working on Smart Home solutions will discuss future directions of standardisation activities. The Symposium, to be held at TIM Future Centre in Venice, Italy on March 8 and 9, 2016, will explore important requirements for the Home Gateway, including IoT/ Smart Home functionality.

In addition to HGI, the industry’s leading alliances in the home IoT area will present their current work. These include: Broadband Forum, DECT Forum, Eclipse Smart Home, Eclipse Vorto, Energy@home, ETSI, oneM2M, Open Connectivity Foundation, OSGi Alliance, prpl Foundation, and ULE Alliance. There will be selected demonstrations presenting telco products, open source technologies or solutions from start-ups like THINKBOX BERLIN.

As announced last year, HGI will complete its work by June 2016, and the Venice Symposium will be HGI’s final face-to-face meeting. Venice participants will discuss how current standardisation initiatives, including the Smart Device Template down-streamed by HGI to oneM2M, will play out in future.

In Venice, HGI will also highlight new requirements on HG functions in areas such as hybrid wireless/ wireline access, in-home Wi-Fi services, software modularity and hardware virtualisation techniques.

“Over a decade, HGI developed unequalled expertise in the documentation of the service provider’s requirements for Home Gateways”, said Luca Giacomello, Chairman of the HGI Board of Directors. “The Venice Symposium will come after recent publication of many HGI specifications, and it provides an ideal opportunity to discuss these works and envisage opportunities for follow-ups. Operators, vendors, SDO representatives, industry professionals are welcome to attend and participate”.

Many of the service providers who helped create HGI in 2005 are speaking at the Venice meeting. “HGI is delighted to welcome many partners and companies. The Venice meeting will be a prime occasion to plan next steps in standardisation of a more open Smart Home and IoT ecosystem”, said Hans-Werner Bitzer, Vice-Chairman of the HGI Board of Directors.

The Symposium is free of charge to qualified industry professionals. To view the current agenda and registration information please see:


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About HGI
HGI, founded in 2004 by nine telecom operators, is shaping the next generation of internet and voice services. Starting from use-cases and service needs, HGI sets requirements for Home Gateways, infrastructure devices and the Home Network. HGI represents the entire spectrum of players in the broadband home area and is committed to fulfilling its mission by mid-2016. For more information about HGI or to find out how to participate, email or visit our website: