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Josip Heit: G999 Blockchain - Gold Standard Group plans IPO in 2021


On the occasion of the press conference on 15 January 2021, Josip Heit, Chairman of the Board of GSB Gold Standard Group, together with Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Alexandru Cocindau, stated to the numerous journalists that blockchain technology and decentralisation enable global transparency for various products that are needed on a daily basis.

In addition, telecommunications and privacy are very important factors of our age. The G999 blockchain offers secure e-mail transmission as well as text and voice messages, which cannot be valued highly enough today.

Josip Heit: G999 Blockchain
Josip Heit: G999 Blockchain

Josip Heit gives an example: "WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal or Threema are applications that are used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. These people transfer their data, documents, pictures, videos and other private as well as business matters via the aforementioned applications, although not even 15 years ago hardly anyone could have imagined how important these communication channels would one day become."

Josip Heit says mischievously: "Blockchain technology is sexy, it offers security and transparency. And precisely for this reason, a more than excellent future can already be predicted for the technology that G999 brings to the telecommunications transfer sector."

The GSB Gold Standard Group is one of the world's leading software, IT and blockchain groups. GSB Group had chosen the legendary "One Monte Carlo Conference Centre" last year, on 03 October 2020, to launch an unprecedented technology that aims to make transactions much easier and faster.

During a glamorous opening ceremony at the iconic "Salle des Arts", Josip Heit, with his team, presented the G999, which is a unique electronic system, card device and app, inspired by the deflationary token economic model, which also enables a wide range of options, including a communication network that guarantees customers unprecedented security and privacy.

Not only with this in mind, GSB Gold Standard Group's developments aim to launch further applications in the technology market that will be implemented in the G999 blockchain ecosystem, as well as an IPO (initial public offering) before the end of 2021.

The auditors, who are appointed by GSB Gold Standard Group, forecast a "future fair value of approximately 2 (two) billion US dollars" in this context. The CEO added: "Our group already has more than 200,000 users in our eco-system and 50,000 active members. We expect up to one million users in our Eco-System by the end of 2021. With this huge number, there is a very high demand in our Eco-System, which will secure the future of GSB Group's technology."



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