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Leyton partners with Arctic Shores to scrap the CV and reduce recruitment costs by 90%


  • By scrapping the CV and adopting Arctic Shores’ assessment, Leyton’s new cohort was three times more productive than its traditional counterparts

London, UK; Tuesday 13th September 2022: Leyton, the international consulting firm that helps businesses leverage financial incentives to accelerate growth, has saved 90% in recruitment costs for one business area by partnering with Arctic Shores, the psychometric assessment pioneer.

Rather than adopting a traditional recruitment process with applicants submitting a CV, Arctic Shores worked with Leyton to create a ‘success profile’ – a strong cognitive and behavioural view of a candidate – which maps against the top performers in that business area. Candidates are then scored against that success profile and invited to interview if they are a good fit for the role and organisation.

Arctic Shores Founders
Arctic Shores Founders

Instead of relying on a CV to outline past experiences, the Arctic Shores assessment allows hiring managers to identify a candidate’s potential and behaviours. By using the behaviour-based assessments, Leyton’s managers have noticed a significant difference. The new cohort is easier to manage and three times more productive than their traditional counterparts (two months compared to previous hires at six months).

Janine Garn, Head of Talent Acquisition and D&I at Leyton commented: “Scrapping the CV and adopting Arctic Shores’ assessments has revolutionised the way that we hire Sales Development talent. The talent acquisition team, managers and senior stakeholders have all seen the positive impact on the business as a whole. As well as performance increasing and attrition decreasing in that business area, the teams are now much more diverse, with real diversity of thought, background and experience, as well as ethnicity, social mobility and gender. It's been transformative.”

Robert Newry, co-founder and CEO of Arctic Shores, added: “Defaulting to past experience alone is placing unnecessary shackles on the talent pool. By selecting for potential instead, you can help to futureproof the UK workforce. Janine and the team at Leyton are a fantastic example of a company that is prioritising fairness, diversity and socioeconomic mobility in its recruitment processes.”


About Arctic Shores:
Arctic Shores’ behaviour-based assessments give every individual the opportunity to show their potential, and every employer the means to see it.

Today, our assessments help the world’s most progressive businesses see beyond the CV – beyond the ordinary measures of human potential. This way, they can counter natural bias, and build the diverse, successful, extraordinary teams they need most.

With the next frontier in assessment technology, we’ve given over two million candidates around the world something different: a stress-free, unbiased experience that truly rewards them for their time. All through a community of pioneering customers, which includes the likes of BBC, PwC, Siemens and Capita.

First launched in 2014, we’re now fuelled by over 70 dedicated Explorers based in our Manchester and London hubs. We’ve grown 400% in the past four years, and have featured this year on BBC Click, The Times, and The Guardian.

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