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Life on the Edge - the implications for cloud and data centre provisioning


Datacloud UK/FIF 2018 debates if Edge computing will push cloud out towards the fringes
London Marriot Hotel, Grosvenor Square: 31 January-1st February 2018

10 January 2018 – London - Datacloud UK/FIF 2018, the UK’s definitive leadership congress for senior executives in the data economy, will explore the potential and implications of edge computing on cloud and data centre provisioning in a specially-assembled debate to be held on the first day of the London IT infrastructure conference. The Life on the Edge panel will feature Pablo Jejcic, Head of Cloud and Infrastructure Centre of Excellence, Vodafone, John Laban, European Representative, OCP Foundation and Farid Singh, Outgoing Co Chair of the Edge Computing Working Group, TIP and Former Telefonica Edge Computing Expert, OnLife Networks.

Philip Low, Chairman, BroadGroup
Philip Low, Chairman, BroadGroup

Due to the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) edge computing has evolved to push data processing out towards the edge of the IT network or closest to the source of the data where more immediate computations can take place. This paradigm shift is already dovetailing with cloud computing which is expected to undertake a greater machine-learning and analysis function within the overall computing ecosystem. The 11.00am session on the 31st Jan will inform, give clarity and offer direction on edge deployments as well as decipher how edge and cloud will coexist.

Philip Low, Chairman BroadGroup added: “When you think of the time it has taken the enterprise community to get comfortable and fully embrace the idea of cloud computing, IoT in just a short number of years, is distributing computing power back out onto the fringes of the network due of the sheer volume of data that has to be accessed at speed. It’s a fascinating development that will have many repercussions on cloud infrastructure, resource demands, communication links and risks to privacy. Life on the Edge is just the opening salvo of the edge Vs cloud debate.”

Taking place at the Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square in London between the 31st January – 1st February 2018 the Datacloud UK/FIF 2018 combines two industry-leading events that will run back-to-back to provide a unique platform for executives to network and share knowledge on every aspect of the UK data centre and cloud sector.

A special networking pass is available that will grant access to both leadership events. More information can be found at:

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