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Press Release

Liquid Millionaire author beats world’s strongest index by 8%


ISACO Ltd., a leading ISA investment specialist, announced today that Stephen Sutherland, the Company’s Chief Investment Strategist, has beaten the Nasdaq Composite year to date by 8%.

Sutherland, the UK’s leading authority on ISA Trend Investing and author of Liquid Millionaire commented - “the Nasdaq Composite is arguably the world’s strongest index due to its 18.3% annual long-term performance which means that it’s a great benchmark and much more difficult to beat than the FTSE 100 or S&P 500.” Sutherland has managed to stay ahead of the Nasdaq using his tax-free ISA Trend Investment model.

Key Points:

  • Personal ISA portfolio of Stephen Sutherland outperforms Nasdaq Composite by 8% (YTD)

  • Gains of 1150% since 1997 on starting capital

  • Encouraging market outlook anticipated for Q3 and Q4

  • Stephen Sutherland recently interviewed on CNBC-Europe regarding market position

  • Limited complimentary consultations on offer: 

The Company, which educates investors on the practice of trading investment funds (not stocks) using an ISA, a SIPP or both, to achieve tax-free, index beating returns, provides daily market update reports for an array of high net worth and ultra high net worth ardent investors, seeking to be educated about the benefits and methodology of ISA Trend Investing.

Today's news compares the performance data of Stephen Sutherland's personal ISA investment portfolio with that of the Nasdaq Composite. Stephen remains invested in sectors such as Natural Resources, Global Resources and China.

"Even though the majority of today's headlines pin-point doom and gloom, the fact is we remain at the start of a very strong bull market. Bull markets typically last multiple years so taking into consideration 2009 being year one and 2010 as year two, and noting that typically the big money is always made in the first two years of a new bull market, I expect Q3 and Q4 of this year to be strong" - continued Sutherland.

ISACO carries a demonstrable track record, proving it is possible to beat the market over the long-term using ISA Trend Investing philosophies. Since 1997 ISA Trend Investing has helped Stephen Sutherland make a tax-free gain of 1150% on his original starting capital. In 2009 he made a 62.9% gain on his ISA portfolio, a 76.5% gain on his SIPP, and a 799.8% gain in his options trading account by using ISACO's leading ISA Trend Investment model. Clients include The Sunday Times Rich List member Richard Koch.

"Between January 1st 1999 to December 31st 2009, and compared to the FTSE 100’s price performance, the Nasdaq’s performance, and Cash ISAs, I have been fortunate to be able to outperform the FTSE 100 and the Nasdaq Composite”-  said Sutherland.

The year to date outperformance follows July's announcement by the Company calling a "floor" to the current market correction and believes investors should remain fully invested ahead of a potential market rally.


Dominic Barretto (Public Relations to ISACO Limited)      
Tel: +44 (0) 208 980 3545        

Notes to Editors:
ISACO was founded in 2001 by brothers Stephen and Paul Sutherland. Stephen is known as the UK’s leading authority in ISA Trend Investing and author of 'Liquid Millionaire.'

Richard Koch, member of the 'Sunday Times Rich List' and author of best-selling 'The 80/20 Principle' has called 'Liquid Millionaire' "Inspiring and exciting, and just possibly right."

Paul Sutherland is known as the creator of the unique '3 Minutes per Day' investing system. ISACO Ltd. ("ISACO") is a leading ISA investing specialist based in Manchester, UK.  ISACO aims to help high net worth individuals achieve 12% tax-free annualised growth rates with the use of ISAs and SIPPs.

ISACO makes this possible by providing a unique premium investing service using ISA Trend Investing. With ISA Trend Investing you trade investment funds (not stocks) using an ISA, a SIPP or both, to achieve tax-free, index beating returns. You aim to profit in up markets and protect in down markets, helping you to outperform the market over the long-term.

Stephen Sutherland is a regular commentator on business television and radio, personal finance newspapers and magazines and other market commentator mediums. 'Liquid Millionaire' is available from, Waterstones and all other leading book stores. Review copies, as well as interviews, are available to the media on request.