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LuxCarta Announces 3D Building & Tree Extraction for BrightEarth at IITSEC


Real-time Extraction from Sub-meter Imagery

Sophia Antipolis, France – November 29, 2021 – LuxCarta introduced its newest BrightEarth™ service today: the accurate and real-time extraction of building footprints and tree polygons from sub-meter imagery. LuxCarta will be demonstrating this new functionality on its stand 2326 at this year’s IITSEC global simulation and training event in Orlando, November 29th to December 2nd.

“All of our R&D efforts at LuxCarta are about making our AI/machine learning production faster, more efficient and accurate,” said Albéric Maumy, CEO of LuxCarta. “Our building and tree extraction has been benchmarked by customers as the best on the market. We use it internally for all of our traditional production. Now it’s been added into BrightEarth. It’s time for the simulation and training community at large to realize the benefits of it.”

LuxCarta launched its BrightEarth platform at last year’s virtual IITSEC. Initial products launched on the service included a global imagery mosaic and Land Use/Land Cover at 10-meter resolution. BrightEarth now includes a high-resolution real-time extraction capability for building footprints and tree polygons, along with 23-class LULC and DTM to complement the 10m global products.

The BrightEarth building and tree extraction service provides an ideal way to get consistent data anywhere in the world. BrightEarth’s accurate machine learning algorithms are based on the company’s long history of creating derived geospatial products. Validated LuxCarta data sets are used to seed the algorithm to discern between building types around the world, i.e., European villages vs favelas in Brazil. The result is a 93%+ capture rate that delivers geospecific accuracy to any terrain.

BrightEarth lets users upload their own sub-meter licensed imagery to unlock further value from it. With a library of published APIs, it supports system-wide integrations and also supports OGC standard streaming protocols. There is even an optional height value for 3D products derived from global elevation data or measurement of shadow lengths.

“This is the logical next level for training simulators: on-demand geospatial inputs for their synthetic environments,” concluded Maumy. “We’re looking forward to the week at IITSEC – in person again – to see the response to our new building and tree extraction in BrightEarth.”


About BrightEarth
BrightEarth is LuxCarta’s product line created using AI-enhanced production techniques. BrightEarth web services offer high-resolution building and tree extraction, 23-class land use/land cover (LULC) and digital terrain model (DTM) creation using a variety of imagery sources in real time. It also incorporates a seamless cloud-free global mosaic, 23-class LULC as well as time-of-day population maps derived from Sentinel-2 imagery at 10m, updated at regular intervals. These innovative products — based on more than 30 years of geospatial and remote sensing expertise — are ready for immediate download or accessible via APIs in support of a system-level integration. There is no place in the world that LuxCarta can’t illuminate with BrightEarth. Visit

About LuxCarta
LuxCarta focuses on the creation and delivery of geospatial products for the global telecom, simulation & training and other vertical markets. We specialize in the rapid production and delivery of quality fit-for-purpose mapping products to expert end users utilizing the latest technology advancements achieved through extensive R&D. Our customers are supported by skilled geospatial experts in their time zone through five corporate offices around the world.

Colin Urwin
Head of Marketing, LuxCarta