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MYCOM OSI launches Early Warning System for NOC/SOCs


Utilizes near real-time base station traffic to predict anomalies

TM Forum Live! Nice, France – 10th May 2016MYCOM OSI, the leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to the world’s largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs), today announced its latest solution for Proactive & Preventative NOC/SOCs – the MYCOM OSI Early Warning System™.


In order to improve their network to maintain customer experience, and make significant savings on downstream repair costs, CSP Operations Centers are continuously seeking ways to help anticipate problems before they manifest themselves.

MYCOM OSI’s Early Warning System™ (EWS) solution equips operation center teams with a near real-time surveillance system that continuously measures the traffic of every mobile base station against daily targets, predicted from historical data. Because traffic loss derives from – and is highly sensitive to – a broad range of multiple underlying problems, the operations center teams responsible for preventative tasks gain rapid and actionable insight in to a wide range of potential issues for further preventative investigation.

Once uncharacteristic traffic loss is detected, MYCOM OSI’s EWS provides a customizable flag for the affected base station or area containing data such as network fault data, performance degradation data or service quality data. The data can then be used in root cause analysis and can integrate into associated fault, performance, service management and customer experience systems. It can also trigger automated root cause analysis workflows using the MYCOM OSI ProActor™ automation product. In addition, the traffic can be segmented by service type and customer type to provide service impact and quality management for VIP and corporate customers.

“To date, the vast majority of Operations Centers have failed to include performance data and therefore failed to be adequately proactive. Traffic is the one metric that suffers if anything goes wrong in the network – this is the network metric that users, not networks, generate and is most closely associated with revenue – so CSPs care about it,” said Dirk Michel, VP Solutions at MYCOM OSI. “By using traffic absorption rates at network ingress points as a near real-time surveillance sensor, and continuously calibrating these sensors with updated targets based on historical traffic levels, operations center teams can really start to listen to the heartbeat of the network. When an anomaly is identified they can instantly kick in with their NOC/SOC pacemaker system to take rapid action.”

MYCOM OSI’s Early Warning System™ solution utilizes MYCOM OSI’s PrOptima™ performance management product that processes up to 25 Billion data records per quarter-hour whilst maintaining its near real-time characteristics that are critical to 24/7 operations center. PrOptima allows MYCOM OSI’s Early Warning System to collect and process traffic rates at all access points irrespective of technology (2G, 3G, 4G) fast enough to enable near real-time traffic loss detection, correlation, and warning.

The Early Warning System calculates and sets expected traffic absorption rates for each network ingress point continuously by employing self-learning algorithms that consider time of day, week, month and year and other factors such as traffic growth, timeline profiles and statistical deviations from normal behavior. Traffic-loss triggers and sensitivity can range from simple static threshold crossing alarms through to statistical deviations and to complex conditional if-then logic, and can be manually adjusted as well as adjusted based on benchmark, historical or statistical deviation behaviors. These triggers can be set at any granularity from individual base stations – such as those serving VIP or corporate customers – through to a special event location or a city, region or country.

PrOptima™ 5 is a converged (Mobile/Fixed/IP/Virtualized) Network Performance Management solution with out-of-the-box support for multiple technologies, domains and equipment vendors across access, backhaul and core (physical and virtualized) networks. It processes large volumes of performance data in near real-time, has advanced correlation, analysis, reporting and visualization modules, is highly flexible and configurable, and supports large multi-tenancy networks.

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MYCOM OSI is a leading independent provider of Assurance, Automation and Analytics solutions to Tier-1 CSPs including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, Maxis, Sprint, STC, Telefónica, Telenor, T-Mobile, Verizon and Vodafone. Its telecom-centric solutions, which include Performance Management, Fault Management, Service Management, Automation/Orchestration, and Network Analytics: create intelligence out of billions of disparate data across vendors, technologies and domains; align network, service and customer teams; empower users with flexibility and autonomy from vendors; deliver efficiency through automation/orchestration capabilities. MYCOM OSI is headquartered in London UK, has 250+ staff worldwide and has been 100% focused on telecom networks for 25+ years.

Further information about MYCOM OSI can be found at Follow us on Twitter @mycomosi or our LinkedIn company profile

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