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CEP Process
CEP Process

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MaidSafe Launches Community Engagement Programme to Accelerate SAFE Network Development and Awareness

Community and MaidSafe will contribute MaidSafeCoin to winning projects

Ayr, SCOTLAND, December 22nd 2017 – MaidSafe, the developer of the world’s first and only autonomous data network, has launched a Community Programme (CEP) following a successful pilot last year. The CEP will encourage developers and members of the SAFE Network community to propose innovative core functionality for the platform as well as new end user applications and non-technical innovations in areas such as product design, branding and marketing. The goal is to enhance community-led innovation and awareness of its potential as the SAFE Network development moves towards Alpha 3. The CEP is open for proposals from today submitted via the SAFE Network Forum.

The process for the CEP is split into clear stages:

  • Stage one: any member of the SAFE Network Forum can submit suggestions for new applications, features or go-to-market strategies in the Community/Polls section of the Forum. The community will conduct a poll of members to see which the idea receives enough support. Polling for each proposal will be completed in one week and there will be an opportunity for the community to ask questions about each idea.
  • Stage two: ideas that receive enough support will move to the Request For Proposal (RFP) stage (in the Community/RFP section of the forum), where an individual or team can present proposals that address the idea raised in the RFP. Applicants will have two weeks to submit their proposal.
  • Stage three: the individual or teams will be questioned by SAFE Network Forum members to understand their proposal in more detail.
  • Stage four: MaidSafeCoin wallet addresses will be opened by MaidSafe for each proposal and members of the SAFE Network Forum will vote on the proposals by sending MaidSafeCoin to the wallet of their favourite proposal. The winner is the project, which receives the most MaidSafeCoin in its wallet. The voting period will last for one week.
  • Stage five: the winning project receives all of the MaidSafeCoin sent to all the proposals during stage four and is tasked with completing the project in line with their plan. The winner will either receive a proportion of the funds in line with the different stages of the delivery timetable or the full amount at the completion of the project.

CEP applicants must ensure their proposals are properly costed in MaidSafeCoin and provide an abstract of the implementation plan, as well as a timeframe for the delivery of the proof of concept.

“We are delighted to be launching the Community Engagement Programme, as it is important to us that the SAFE Network is community-led and delivers functionality the community wants,” said David Irvine, founder and CEO, MaidSafe. “The SAFE Network is reaching a stage of maturity and stability, that creates great opportunities for technical and non-technical professionals, who are interested in helping to shape what will be one of the most disruptive technologies in the 21st Century. We are seeing growing demand from the community for applications and innovative functionality, as well as go-to-market strategies, so the CEP is a great vehicle for innovators to bring their ideas to life.”

For further information about the Community Engagement Programme please go to:

Live RFPs are available here

About MaidSafe
MaidSafe is a company founded by David Irvine in 2006, which has a mission to provide security and privacy for everyone by building a better internet platform. This new platform is the SAFE Network, which is the world’s first autonomous and decentralised data network. The network is made up of the unused hard drive space, processing power and bandwidth of its users. The SAFE Network will include storage, peer-to-peer communications, transactions, internet functionality and a wide variety of apps to name a few of its features. For more information please go to:

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