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MobiWire And Advanced Health & Care Leverage NFC To Improve Healthcare


MobiWire look forward to integrating Surface UXTM into NFC enabled devices.

Paris, France – 19 April 2011:  MobiWire has partnered with Advanced Health & Care (AHC), a leading supplier of IT management systems for health and home care services, to offer a revolutionary mobile working application that leverages NFC (Near Field Communications) technology for remote health care providers. MobiWire and AHC have worked together to challenge the previously accepted parameters of integrated NFC technology, demonstrating new use cases with tangible corporate and personal benefits.

Utilising MobiWire’s NFC enabled COSY phone, AHC developed iConnect, an innovative application that enables real-time communication and information transfer between care workers and office staff. For example, on arrival and departure care workers touch their COSY phone against NFC tags placed in the user’s home to “check-in” or “check out”. The information collected works to locate the remote worker with an arrival timestamp to update the bookings and manage service delivery and subsequent financial processes.

“As a company committed to using cutting edge technology to provide premium care solutions, we have been innovators in championing NFC capable mobile applications. Together with MobiWire we have been able to develop iConnect to optimise NFC technology thereby offering superior service management to the benefit of both service user and carer alike” said Jim Chase, Managing Director of Advanced Health & Care.

The iConnect application demonstrates the capabilities of NFC technology to simplify and streamline business processes, which in turn offer an enhanced user experience within a constructed, supporting infrastructure. 

“AHC’s iConnect application is an excellent demonstration of the value of NFC as part of whole systems design.  Remote workers simply “check-in” and trigger a set of processes allowing them to focus on the service they provide.  The next generation of NFC enabled devices will allow even more information to be displayed for the remote worker, surfacing patient details, diagnostics, even rich interactive media”, said Jerome Nadel, EVP of User Experience and Marketing at MobiWire. “Improved user experience and simplified access to data and services are fundamental to the continued growth and adoption of NFC”.

MobiWire will be integrating its recently launched Surface UXTM into NFC enabled devices in the future. Surface UX leverages the Android platform to offer users a rich, connected experience, providing simplified access and interaction with content and services.  By offering an engaging visual and tactile experience, NFC technology meets a core human desire for a touch point and offers tangible proof of technologies lifestyle enhancing capability.

About MobiWire       
MobiWire combines open and standardised components with cutting edge technology and deep user experience integration to deliver connected consumer electronics software and devices.  With over 15 years’ experience working with mobile network operators and global brands, MobiWire innovates around a core open OS technology platform to design, develop and deliver connected devices and services for OEM customers, exclusive brands and vertical markets.  MobiWire brings industry leading technology partners together with its own software and connected services expertise to accelerate the product design and development process and deliver innovative and compelling connected consumer electronics and forthcoming 4G devices.  For more information, visit:

About Advanced Health & Care
Advanced Health & Care is a leading supplier of IT management systems for urgent & unplanned care, homecare, residential care, hospices, mobile information for community carers and back-office management systems for NHS trusts, local authorities and care providers. Working with partners in the NHS, local government and the private sector, Advanced Health & Care is delivering IT solutions in support of safe, efficient care delivery with integrated management information. Advanced’s unique proposition is its range of integrated care solutions offering visibility of information for both the commissioner and care provider. The Advanced Health & Care suite of products includes: Adastra, iNurse, iConnect, Crosscare, eFinancials Smart Business Suite, Caresys, Saturn & StaffPlan.

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