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Mobileum and Linxa form alliance to serve roaming and wholesale markets


Mobileum, the leader in roaming and analytics solutions for telecom business transformation has entered into an alliance with leading wholesale telecoms platform provider Linxa to extend the market reach of their respective product portfolios.

Mobileum provides roaming and data analytics solutions that generate revenue, reduce costs and accelerate digital transformation with particular focus on domains such as roaming, fraud and security.

Mobileum logo
Mobileum logo

Linxa’s platform empowers service providers to grow their wholesale business by simplifying the interconnect process for Voice, SMS and OTT service providers; providing a comprehensive set of tools for managing and optimizing wholesale business; and automating the end-to-end processes involved in rating, routing, monitoring, billing along with Linxa’s OSS/BSS - Class 4 Soft switch, SIP Proxy and Blockchain Gateway. The Linxa platform was recognised by the Carrier Community for Best Service Innovation and Best Innovation Service Provider at its annual CC Global Awards in Berlin in June 2018.

“Linxa has enjoyed great success in making it easy for service providers around the world to automate their wholesale telecoms operations and serve new demand,” said Bobby Srinivasan, CEO of Mobileum. “The portfolios of our two companies are very complementary and through this deeper collaborative relationship, we’ll enable more service providers to benefit from our combined experience and expertise.”

“Mobileum’s analytics solutions are in use at over 600 mobile operators globally and actively drive additional revenue in roaming and domestic services,” said Ali Gazioğlu, COO at Linxa. “Their industry leading solutions in mobile travel and roaming, fraud and security, and customer engagement are a natural complement to the capabilities we offer through the Linxa platform.”

About Linxa
Linxa’s mission is to make it simple and fast for service providers to grow their profitability and capture new revenues whilst improving efficiencies. The Linxa platform is designed to provide the quickest path from quote-to-cash with all the performance, security and monitoring solutions to guarantee service providers success in the wholesale telecoms market.

With offices in London, Miami, Istanbul and Sydney, Linxa support their customers with a worldwide workforce offering revolutionary solutions and customer service.

About Mobileum
Mobileum offers Roaming and Data Analytics solutions that generate revenue, reduce costs and accelerate digital transformation. They focus on specific domains, including roaming, fraud and security, which support CSP’s digital transformation and data monetization strategies. Mobileum’s Active Intelligence platform takes their core portfolio technologies, along with advanced customer behavior analysis, into a powerful platform that delivers end-to-end solutions. Mobileum’s market-leading solutions help grow and protect existing revenue streams, as well as generate new revenue through partnering with customers to deliver innovation in the business model. Mobileum has 600 customers in 150 countries, including some of the largest and most progressive markets in the world.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, Mobileum also has offices in Argentina, Dubai, Ireland, India, Hong Kong, Jordan, Singapore and Dallas.

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