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Moving from SQL to MongoDB? Studio 3T's SQL Migration feature makes it simple


As enterprises add MongoDB to their SQL-dominated database estates, the leading professional MongoDB GUI removes the complexity from migrating data between these two main types of database.

BERLIN, GERMANY - To accommodate the growing trend of SQL and NoSQL database coexistence in enterprise settings, Studio 3T, the leading professional MongoDB GUI and IDE, has launched its SQL Migration feature, at a stroke removing the complexity of importing SQL databases to MongoDB.

SQL/MongoDB Survey data
SQL/MongoDB Survey data

SQL Migration makes it possible to import multiple SQL tables to a single MongoDB collection, a critical functionality never available before now. "Before this, handling enterprise-size database migrations was a massive challenge," commented Thomas Zahn, CEO and co-founder of 3T Software Labs. "But considering that nine out of ten Studio 3T customers use both SQL and MongoDB in their team, it’s no surprise that our advanced SQL Migration is a heavily-requested feature."

"We wanted to make the SQL import to MongoDB process really easy to configure for developers," said Graham Thomson, CTO and co-founder of 3T Software Labs. "Now, with SQL Migration, they can configure how their SQL tables should map to a MongoDB collection as part of the import, instead of writing out complicated export scripts to get the job done."

Market watcher has been tracking a strong shift in database popularity from SQL to NoSQL over recent years. MongoDB in particular has seen phenomenal growth, climbing into the Top 5 globally, at the expense of IBM DB2 and Microsoft Access, and enjoying 500% growth in its share-price since IPO. Enterprise demand for Studio 3T has grown similarly, as the complexity of data management tasks increases daily.

SQL Migration is released alongside two additional new features to boost team productivity: Tasks and Task Scheduler. These allow users to automate and schedule SQL import or data synchronization tasks, another huge time-saver for ever-busier teams.

About 3T Software Labs
3T was founded in late 2013 in Berlin by three NoSQL enthusiasts with many years of experience in professional software engineering and academia. Studio 3T is now used by over 100,000 developers and data professionals, making it the most popular IDE in the market.

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