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Ness Software Engineering Services (SES) Launches Ness Connected Framework to Enhance DevOps on Complex Projects


End-to-end, Integrated Approach to Engineering, Data Analytics, User Experience and Design Improves Business Agility and Competitive Advantage in Digital Economy

London, UK – 22 April, 2015Ness Software Engineering Services (SES), a leading provider of software product engineering services, has today announced the launch of its end-to-end, Ness Connected Framework to bridge the gap between business and technical objectives during the software development lifecycle. Ness SES’s highly integrated, adaptive approach significantly reduces time-to-market, risk and costs for businesses when launching new, innovative digital products and services. 

The framework addresses how technology development and digital transformation initiatives are being driven by business strategies rather than being technology and IT led. This is especially true of digital projects that are market facing and require creative input on how a superior customer experience is delivered. The challenges arise when trying to synchronise creative and technical requirements, translating the diverse needs of both into one compelling solution.

The new Ness Connected Framework resolves this by fully integrating the two disciplines – creative and technical – that are critical to successful digital transformation and development projects today.

Unlike other engineering services providers, Ness SES has not simply bolted on a customer user interface design practice onto its software engineering capabilities.  This creates an added problem when using both agencies and engineering partners to assist and requires significant mediation and adjudication to reconcile differing points of view. Instead the framework proactively removes the traditional conflicts between the two sides, whilst ensuring a client benefits from a technology partner who practices both disciplines fluently and seamlessly and thus presents one interface to the client resulting in faster delivery, greater cost effectiveness and quicker realisation of revenue and growth.

The methodology behind the Ness Connected Framework weaves strong links between three pillars in the Digital Economy: Products & Platforms, Big Data & Analytics, and Contextual User Experience Engineering to create a seamless transition from front and back-end business processes through to user experience and design.

Doug Mow, senior vice president corporate strategy and chief marketing officer, Ness SES commented, “Over two decades of experience in building end-to-end products and platforms for customers in a variety of industries, we’ve seen businesses constantly struggle to merge user experience and design with engineering expertise. The business side tries to talk about user experience and the front end of the design process by engaging independently with a design agency and throws the design over the wall to the engineering teams. This creates a complicated mix of creativity and design which often leads to an elegant design but a technology nightmare. It’s like mixing sugar and pepper.”

The Ness Connected Framework consists of five stages, which companies can delve into dependent on the needs of their business and the stage their teams are at in the software development lifecycle:

  1. Discover: Ness SES facilitates collaboration between organisations’ stakeholders to identify a common set of business requirements around all facets of user experience, user interface, data analytics, and product engineering. This helps to create a strong business case and outlines competitive advantages.
  2. Envision: Ness SES helps its customers validate propositions from the Discovery phase including generating a clear product definition, and Proofs of Concept (PoC), or prototypes, to reduce financial risk. 
  3. Build: Ness SES delivers a rapid execution phase driven by the use of a portfolio of templates, time-tested governance tools, test automation, and industry-specific reference models to improve productivity, reduce time-to-market and ensure product/service quality. 
  4. Sustain: Ness SES operates as an ongoing extension of its customers’ teams throughout the software development cycle, to ensure timely product enhancements and adjustments can be made. 
  5. Evolve: Ness SES offers a framework that adapts to the unique needs and challenges of individual businesses, so each product and service aligns to business objectives.

With the Ness Connected Framework businesses can immediately see any issues to improve time-to-market and ensure compelling products are launched. Agile methods are incorporated to allow organisations to modify and optimise their products and services throughout the software development process. This means stakeholders have a solid handle on deliverables and timeframes, and the user experience is built right the first time – significantly reducing financial risk. 

“Through our discovery and blueprinting expertise we help bridge the gap between design and engineering. We help enterprises ask the right questions at the right time to get working products to market. On top of this, the ongoing dialogue with our customers during the software development lifecycle enables business agility in a competitive marketplace,” Mow added.


About Ness Software Engineering Services (SES)
Ness Software Engineering Services (SES) is a premier provider of outsourced engineering services. Ness SES helps organisations compete and grow in today’s digital economy by providing deep expertise in products and platforms, data and analytics, and experience engineering. With access to world-class software engineering resources, Ness SES’s clients create advanced, new products and services, enter new markets, win new customers, and streamline operations to radically reduce costs. Ness SES delivers consumer-grade experiences with commercial-grade quality and stability through its global delivery model that offers the flexibility and efficiencies of on-site, on-shore, near-shore and off-shore sourcing, leveraging sophisticated distributed Agile techniques. Visit for more information. 

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