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New ‘Better By Nature’ Detox Plan Promotes Health And Well-Being To Give Spring-time Feel Good Factor


“8 Weeks to a Better You” Optimum Health Plan combines detox and support for specific well-being issues using new synergistic homeopathic remedies

Better by Nature, the Stratford-On-Avon based health and well-being company, specialises in holistic homeopathic remedies based on creating super ‘intelligent water’ capturing the energy frequency signatures  and the proportion of each of the ingredients of their original, very synergized, patented ‘mother’ herbal remedies, combining Aloe Vera, Chinese and Western herbs, pure essential oils, spices, probiotics and nutrition.

Better by Nature logo
Better by Nature logo

Better by Nature has now launched a new range of products designed to help people to detox, especially after the long Winter. With an ‘8 Weeks to a Better You’ – Optimum Health Plan – the company hopes to help many people to better health, by combining an initial four-week gentle cleansing ‘Preparing Remedy’ detox followed by a selection of ten ‘Caring Remedies’ designed to maximize support for the body’s natural healing process to alleviate or combat specific health conditions or lifestyle/lifestage issues. The course is easy for today’s busy lifestyle – users simply spray the remedy under the tongue twice a day.

The ‘8 Weeks to a Better You’ plan works on the basis that the body renews much of itself every eight weeks. Everyone begins with the detox Preparing Remedy. Adding natural support to the body's innate cellular healing and renewal process during this eight week cycle empowers the body and its immune system to defeat illness and re-establish a sense of well-being at a pace compatible with the body’s natural cycle of renewal.

Better by Nature is the sales and marketing arm of the Riley Fletcher Foundation established in 1995 by Michael Riley and Jane Fletcher with the aim of developing effective, affordable natural remedies. The company was created to help provide advice and access to products for health and well-being, including using the website as a knowledge-based resource ( Other products include Aloe Vera-based products and organic supplements, together with other complementary natural products.

“Our physical and emotional wellbeing comes under additional stresses and strains from time to time, especially over the Winter” explains Michael Riley, founder of Better by Nature, “Following a careful detox plan can quickly restore our equilibrium and make significant added improvements in our overall health. Our Optimum Health Plan combines our own remedies and a range of additional outstanding products to provide a perfect re-start for the Spring.”

The Detox plan is divided into two parts: in the first four weeks participants take the Better by Nature Preparing Remedy which helps the cellular system eliminate the accumulated pollution related to today's living environment and the stresses of modern day life. The remedy gently prepares the cells and stimulates the body's uptake of key nutritional elements in order to boost and balance the immune system, reducing vitamin and mineral deficiencies that in themselves can cause illness. The deep cleansing and detoxing properties of the remedy are the foundation, preparing the path for a healthier life.

From the fifth week of the plan participants take a specific Better by Nature Caring Remedy depending on the individual’s requirements, either to provide innate cellular support for anything from digestive problems to joint mobility - or to address particular lifestyle or lifestage issues – from stress to frequent travel to hormonal balance - or simply to improve overall well-being. Better by Nature also advises on which preparations are most beneficial for the individual.

Michael Riley, CEO of Better by Nature, says:  “Nature intended for us to gain what we need from what we eat, but the pesticides, preservatives and chemicals in our food chain mean that our bodies are under attack from the inside. At the same time poor modern diets and processed foods deprive us of many of the essential nutrients needed to maintain our health and wellbeing. It is estimated the daily level of vitamins and minerals available to us has reduced some 40% over the last 25 years. Many conditions and ailments are caused or aggravated by a deficiency of essential nutrients. Our detox plan addresses all these issues.

“We have developed the detox plan as a first step towards overall health and well-being for many of our customers. We believe that health and well-being is achieved by working in harmony with your body and nature, while ill health is often the result of our modern day environment. We all breathe in, eat and drink toxins every day from our polluted environment. They enter the intestine and blood stream both reducing our absorption of vital nutrition and damage both our physical and mental health. With continual exposure to pollution, electromagnetic radiation, the side effects of medical drugs, and the level of stress, which burns up vital nutritional resources, in our everyday lives, it is no wonder that modern life takes its toll on our bodies.”

The “8 Weeks to a Better You” programme is suitable as a detox programme at any time of the year – after a holiday or festival such as Christmas or in preparation for a special event, but it is also a highly effective first step to a new, calmer, healthier way of life.


About Better by Nature
Better by Nature is the marketing arm of the Riley Fletcher Foundation founded by Michael Riley and Jane Fletcher in 1997. The company ethos is based on the belief that health and well-being is achieved by working in harmony with the body and nature, while ill health is often the result of the modern environment in which we all live. Their mission statement is ‘Every child born healthy – all over the world’.

Created by Michael Riley and Jane Fletcher, Better by Nature provides practical and effective help through the advice it publishes on the website including its free ’Your Health is Your Wealth’ email series, complemented by a range of own brand patented remedies developed in house, and a number of carefully selected complementary products. Better by Nature’s own range consists of synergised homeopathic remedies that capture the energy frequencies of healing and wellbeing properties of organic Aloe Vera, Chinese and Western herbal remedies, pure essential oils, spices, probiotics and nutrition.

For more information visit

For further information please contact Michael Riley on 07989 474470 or by email at

Notes to Editors:
Our bodies are run by our community of 50 trillion ‘computer chip’ cells that constantly communicate with each other via ‘life giving energy frequency information’ created from processing and converting everything we ingest.  Conversely pollution is processed creating toxic ‘health damaging energy frequency information’. Hence the saying ‘We are what we eat’. The capacity to live a long and healthy life depends on the degree of coherence in our ‘inner world’ of cell to cell communication. Coherence enables both the processing of nutrition and expelling of toxins. Incoherence disrupts this process causing DISharmony and DISease. The coherent ‘energy frequency information’ of the Better by Nature homeopathic remedies are carried in mountain spring water from the US and France – ‘Perfect Living Water’- with conductive qualities and small H2O molecule clusters to maximize bio availability into the cells.
The detox Preparing Remedy supports a healthy digestive system. Congestion of the gut is now one of the most common lifestyle conditions and is the route cause of a weak immune ‘information system’. Congestion restricts the processing of nutrition resulting in the reduction of the availability of our ‘life giving energy frequency information’ but also allows toxins to enter the blood stream. 99% of the job of a healthy immune system is to switch off all adverse reaction to food and toxins.

Better by Nature’s approach to health is holistic and functional, based on supporting coherent cell to cell communication working in harmony with your body and nature – not treating specific conditions. The synergistic effect of delivering these multiple energy frequencies into our cells enables our innate healing system to restore balance and coherence within our life creating cell to cell communication system. Many of today’s health issues  such as stress, depression and anxiety, dehydration, fatigue, gut health issues, the relationship between yeast and the immune system  fall between the cracks of standard mainstream medicine diagnosis because they function holistically.  The current Better by Nature survey of over 100 people demonstrates a success rate in excess of 80% across a range of conditions and common ailments. Formal trials are planned for the future.

William Tiller Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, Stanford University and Guggenheim Fellow, USA states
‘Future medicine will be based on controlling energy frequencies in the body.’


Optimise Your Cellular Communication:

  • Better by Nature’s homeopathic remedies are the result of R&D since 1995

  • Better By Nature Homeopathic remedies create accurate, coherent cellular communication

  • Increasing the efficient digestion and use of nutrition, hydration, oxygen and energy by your cells

  • Better By Nature’s  approach is holistic – working in harmony with your body and nature

  • Creating super ’intelligent water’ capturing energy signatures of their patented remedies

  • The ‘mother’ herbal remedies are based on the phenomenon of synergy

  • Optimising synergistic vibrational signals that support living chemistry

  • The combined effects of two or more things being greater than the sum of their separate parts

  • Combining the holistic synchronised effects of Aloe Vera, Chinese and Western herbs, pure essential oils, spice, probiotics and core nutrition

 ‘Everything in life is vibration’  - Albert Einstein.

Maximising Bio-Availability:

  • These Energy signatures are delivered direct to the cells, bypassing the congested intestine/gut

  • The remedies are in mountain water with small H20 clusters for easy access into your cells

  • These clusters of water molecules are capable of holding the memory of quantum information

  • Your cells automatically accept hydration of frequency compatible water 

  • Delivering coherent, ‘life giving ’stored energy frequencies and vibrational potency

  • Dr Wheeler’s monatomic water is added to increase conductive qualities

  • This increases super coherent communication between cells

  • Also maximises bio–availability  and performance of the remedy energy signatures

  • Optimising coherent cell to cell communication is your top priority for optimum health

‘Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.’ – Alexander Graham Bell

Effective Hydration:

  • When water hydrates and flows in and out of the cells there Is:

  • increased oxygen and energy to the cells

  • Better absorption and utilization of nutrients is achieved

  • Increased cellular detoxing removes toxins that can inflame the body

  • The body has a balanced pH

  • All chemicals of the body are dissolved into the memory of water as ’energy frequency information’

  • 75% of your body weight is water – approximately 10 gallons

  • Water, with the ‘information’ it carries, controls all your chemical and electrical processes

H₂O Provides Oxygenation and Energy:

  • It is not enough to get energy from food alone

  • Energy from water in a ‘perfect form’ provides energy to organize correct function of your cells

  • All health problems and ageing of your cells is primarily due to lack of cellular energy

  • Also from a lack of proper use of energy by the cells

  • Increasing hydration of cells will improve immune system health and balance your body

  • Reducing pain, fatigue, balance metabolism, increase mental clarity, brain power and mood

Why only ‘Perfect Living Water’ Will Achieve Optimum Hydration Of Your Cells:

  • Water within living cells is highly structured

  • With quite different properties and behavior from our ‘bulk’ water

  • Structure of cellular water is critical to healthy function and communication between cells

  • Stream water is naturally concussed by its motion creating ideal vibrational influence

  • This results in a structure of H20 cluster sizes that are reduced and stabilized

  • The subtle frequency of this structure makes the water biocompatible and easier to hydrate

  • This is ‘Perfect Living Water’

Critical Access For Hydration Of Your Cells:

  • Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Peter Agre discovered the ‘Aquaporin’

  • The minute water channel into the cell whereby only one H20 molecule can pass at a time

  • Smaller H20 clusters reduce much easier to single molecules that will enter the Aquaporine

  • ‘Perfect Living Water’ enables saturation of your cells increasing energy, oxygen, wellbeing

  • Dormant bulk tap/ bottled water loses the quality of its natural subtle vibrational influence

  • The H20 cluster structure of this water is larger and not easily absorbed into the cell

  • Altered, incompatible waters cause dehydration bringing about negative health consequences

  • Your cells have a genetic memory and need for water created by natural environmental forces

Are You One Of The Hydrated?

  • 75% of the Western World are dehydrated    

  • By not drinking enough plus the compound effect of restricted absorption of bulk water

  • This lack of hydration also restricts the absorption of your ‘energy information frequencies’

  • Your ‘energy information frequencies’ need to be delivered in ‘Perfect Living Water’

  • This combination optimizes your cell to cell communication

  • Dr Wheeler’s M-Water creates small H20 clusters in your water matrix for access into your cells

  • Clinical trials of M-Power have proven to increase hydration, detoxification and pH balance

  • No other water has passed this level of testing

‘All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided in nature….. the challenge to science is to find it.’ -  Paracelsus, the father of pharmacology.
Efficient Digestion:

  • Stabilised Aloe Vera Gel enables an efficient digestive system

  • Mannose and Galactose are the only glyconutrients proven to benefit cell to cell communication

  • They are both found in stabilized Aloe Vera Gel

  • Dr Wheeler in the US states recommends combining Aloe Vera with ‘Perfect Living Water’ hydration

  • Increasing activation of cell to cell communication in the immune system

‘If Aloe Vera were to be discovered today, and its remarkable healing properties investigated, it would be hailed as the ‘wonder drug’ of this century’. – Ivan Danhoff Ph.D.,M.D.


  • Optimise the life giving quality of the ’energy information frequencies’ you produce

  • By supporting your ability to accurately and efficiently process information and nutrition

  • This will maximize the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your cell to cell communication system

  • Become effectively hydrated

  • Create an efficient digestive system

  • Manage your stress and lifestyle

  • Ensure comprehensive supplementation of all key nutrients

‘It is my firmly held belief that with an adequate intake of micro-nutrients – essential substances we need to nourish us – most chronic disease would not exist. Good nutritional therapy is the medicine if the future.’  - Dr Carl Pfeiffer MD., PhD.