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New consultancy partners with Redgate in delivering DevOps for the database


Cambridge UK, 1 December – Redgate, the Cambridge UK based company that develops software for the Microsoft data platform, has continued its mission to bring DevOps to the database by signing a new consultancy partner in the UK.

DLM Consultants joins other trusted Redgate partners like Crafting Bytes, DevOpsGuys, and Nebbia Technology in offering consultancy, training, and bespoke services to companies and organizations who want to enhance their database operations.

DLM Consultants logo
DLM Consultants logo

The growing partner network is a result of the increasing number of Redgate customers who are adopting Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) in their day-to-day operations.

DLM allows companies and organizations who want to release features faster and more efficiently to include database development alongside application development.

Bringing the database under version control, for example, or introducing continuous integration or automated deployments makes DevOps a reality and embraces the database as a standard part of the development process.

This is particularly true when the tools and methods used for the database align with and plug into those already in use for applications. So rather than changing the way people work, they enhance the way they already work.

For Alex Yates, the founder of DLM Consultants, this was a major reason for partnering with Redgate. "Our mission at DLM Consultants is to demonstrate that databases no longer need to be the bottleneck in delivering customer value by making DevOps possible,” he says. "But you can't change everything to achieve that because you'll create more problems than you solve. Redgate tools plug into the standard application development software already in place, so DevOps becomes an extension of existing working practices."

Alex Yates founded DLM Consultants after working at Redgate for six years where, as a Pre-Sales Engineer, he supported clients to incorporate the database in their continuous delivery process.

His aim at DLM Consultants is to use his experience in solving DLM problems in a variety of settings to provide implementation and training services that enable clients to ship database updates more frequently and more reliably.

Cass Lloyd, the Regional Partner Manager for Redgate, is delighted to welcome DLM Consultants as a partner. "Alex brings a huge amount of experience and knowledge, both about Redgate products and about every aspect of DLM. His contribution will be invaluable to companies and organizations who know they need DLM and want to implement it using their existing infrastructure."

DLM Consultants now offers a full calendar of online training in database source control, continuous integration, and release management, alongside onsite consultancy services.

Redgate itself now has a portfolio of consultants who are able to help companies and organizations in the USA, the UK, Europe, Japan, and India in every part of the database DevOps process.

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About Redgate Software
Redgate develops ingeniously simple software used by 650,000 IT professionals who work with the Microsoft data platform. Its intuitive tools elegantly solve the problems developers and database administrators face in every area of database lifecycle management, from version control through to automated deployments. More than 100,000 companies, including 91% of those in the Fortune 100, now use products in the Redgate SQL Toolbelt to make database DevOps a reality.

For further information, please contact:
Alex Yates, Director, DLM Consultants
+44 (0)7762 618250

Cass Lloyd, Regional Partner Manager, Redgate Software
+44 (0)1223 438545

Matt Hilbert, Technology Writer, Redgate Software
+44 (0)7564 778274