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Nissan Europe and Nissan United Partner with Limitless, and Facebook Messenger to Drive Innovative Peer-to-Peer Gig Engagement


A first in the automotive industry, Nissan Europe connects potential new Nissan LEAF® customers with existing owners through on-demand GigCX and Conversational AI during the buying cycle

London, UK, 12th May 2021: Nissan Europe today announced the launch of the GigCX peer-to-peer support for pre-sale queries surrounding its Nissan LEAF®, which has set a new standard in the growing market for mainstream electric vehicles.

The partnership between five companies – Nissan Europe and Nissan United, Limitless, and Facebook Messenger – offers a solution that will feature a combination of click to Facebook Messenger, Conversational AI, and seamless hand off to humans for the peer-to-peer support model, a first for the automotive industry, and accelerated with the pandemic-driven digital shift. Given the fact that most prospective buyers of electric vehicles are first time buyers, empathy has become paramount when it comes to answering questions, increasing the importance of personal connection more than ever before.

The Limitless SmartCrowd™ Platform, leveraging’s Conversational AI platform, brings humans and technology together, putting Nissan customers (‘Experts’) at the heart of a new personalized user engagement strategy, which provides peer-to-peer reviews and Conversational AI answers on the key features of the Nissan LEAF®, on-demand, from anywhere in the world. Limitless will leverage’s conversational AI to take the first task of vetting initial queries, while the Limitless platform pairs both end users. The virtual assistant and Experts are able to answer a variety of questions, including queries such as: ‘‘How easy is it to charge?” or “Do most service stations have charging points?” or “How much money do you think you’re saving on petrol?” These are responses that LEAF® owners will likely have first-hand experience and insight into.

By starting and ending the conversation in a seamless way, Nissan’s virtual assistant entices prospective buyers to engage the Nissan brand or test drive a car locally. The queries are fed into the enterprise-class Conversational AI Platform from websites or ads that click to Messenger, and answered via Facebook Messenger from Facebook. Experts act as trusted brand advocates, answering questions and giving authentic and insightful responses based on their experience owning a Nissan LEAF®.

Nissan will be able to measure the impact of peer-to-peer conversations in its conversion of prospective customers from awareness to intent-to-purchase.

Cherie Landman, Sales Director EMEA of Limitless, commented: “The Expert GigCX model is bringing humans and technology together to drastically accelerate the ability to get real world answers to pre purchase questions in today’s accelerated digital world. It’s creating opportunities that have not existed before for brands, customers and prospective customers alike.”

Xavier Diquet of Nissan commented: “We are confident that providing a human, conversational component to our customer experience and advocacy will produce positive and authentic responses, making prospective customers more comfortable about making purchase decisions. We trust and empower our customers, enabling them to answer our potential customers’ questions, which we believe is key in creating a truly personalised customer journey.”

Mahi de Silva, CEO and co-founder of commented: “We believe that the future belongs to conversational brands. Nissan Europe and Limitless are showing what’s possible when the impact of human teams is amplified by Conversational AI.”

Alexandre Hacpille, Global Client Partner at Facebook, commented: “Messenger has become people’s everyday tool to connect with friends, families but also businesses. Using Messenger, Nissan and partners have developed a unique approach to connecting real LEAF owners with people interested in buying one – in honest and authentic conversations. This is actually redefining customers reviews by making them conversational. The outcome is better information for people, genuine confidence to buy, and highly positive impact on brand value.”

Eva Gotteland, EV Cluster director at Nissan United/TBWA G1, commented: “As a challenger brand, Nissan has always pushed the limits of innovation in their products but also in their communication. The solution we are putting in place with our partners is not only disrupting the way consumers can learn more about electric cars. It is helping us to address key barriers to electric car purchase in a very unique, effective, innovative and human way.”