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Off Grid Energy charge ahead with smart solution for EV grid constraints at LCV 2018


The showcase follows recent success with UPS Camden electric vehicle installation

Bedford, 11 September: Off Grid Energy, specialists in energy storage for temporary and permanent applications, will showcase its smart solutions to help achieve electric vehicle (EV) targets and increase productivity when struggling against local grid constraints at Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) 2018, September 12-13.

The Universal Battery Energy Storage System (UBESS) - the Ingenium
The Universal Battery Energy Storage System (UBESS) - the Ingenium

With EVs demanding more power as logistic operations and transport companies looking to extend their fleet, the buckling power grid can feel the strain, with this instability potentially impacting production. The game-changing solutions from Off Grid Energy - such as the UBESS battery storage solution - provide EV charging infrastructure where grid power is either unreliable, inadequate or cannot be achieved in a short time-scale. Its core, modular technology can scale from portable systems used to charge small numbers of vehicles in temporary or remote locations, through to grid support up to 1MW for large commercial fleets such as delivery or public transport.

The showcase follows a successful year for Off Grid Energy, after its Universal Battery Energy Storage System (UBESS) - the Ingenium - was selected to support and reinforce limited grid supply as part of an integration of additional electric vehicles at the UPS central London depot. By dynamically controlling the power available to connected vehicles, the UBESS can intelligently limit the peak load on the network, making stored energy available to the depot to cover any deficit in capacity.

“The current uptake in EVs will likely make it into the history books, with this major charge from millions of consumers and organisations to reduce emissions,” said Danny Jones, CEO of Off Grid Energy. “With technology like the UBESS, logistics and transport companies looking to take the next step need no longer worry over the complicated constraints of the grid, risking productivity and raising costs. Our technology is cost-efficient, quick to install and really brings the benefits of battery storage technology to the forefront.”

Other technology will include the smart Energy Management System (EMS) which can be configured to manage multiple charge points and monitor and limit maximum energy demand. Its smart charging solution that will be fitted into a “self-charging” electric van will also be displayed. The van has been used for multiple purposes across the country by a major UK Distribution Network Operator and, in one example of its capabilities, can provide emergency recovery for stranded EVs unable to access a charge point.

“In the age of electric vehicles, we need to stay in tune with people’s needs and expectations and events like LCV 2018 are a great example of a platform to showcase the UK’s technology development. We shouldn’t look at the growing demands as a daunting prospect but rather an opportunity to deliver value-added charging systems across the board, to offer a truly cost-effective, fast charging network that all of us can benefit from,” Jones added.

LCV 2018 visitors can find Off Grid Energy at Stand SP-13 at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire, 12-13 September 2018.

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About Off Grid Energy:
Off Grid Energy (OGE) pioneered the use of energy storage technology in power generation systems for construction, events and utilities since first applications in 2010. Since then, OGE has led the way in design and manufacture of a range of products that deliver significant fuel efficiency improvements and so drive down costs, reduce emissions and eliminate noise. Recently, Off Grid Energy have applied expertise gained in energy storage and expanded the product range in response to emerging EV charging and behind the meter storage markets. Based in Rugby, a town with an international reputation for electrical engineering, Off Grid delivers its products and solutions throughout the UK and all over the world. For more information, visit

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