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MyLegalAdviser - London Solicitor Numbers Report

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Only 1 qualified family law solicitor per 2,714 residents in London

  • Only 6,725 solicitors to serve all of London’s 8.1million residents*
  • Of those, only 3,498 are conveyancers – vital for the sale and transfer of property
  • Only 1 solicitor for every 2,714 London residents qualified to provide Family Law services such as divorce and child custody
  • A new free online tool has launched to help Londoners find local, affordable, highly quality expert support

Londoners face a legal services shortage, new research from MyLegalAdviser finds today. The study shows that there is approximately 1 solicitor for every 1,215 residents in the capital, meaning that families may need to venture miles from home to get support.

The ratio of solicitors to residents varies significantly from borough to borough, with the worst – Bexley – having 1 solicitor for every 3,411 residents, and the best – City of London – having 1 for every 12 residents.

For urgent legal support services – such as divorce and child custody – the figures are worse with only 3,012 solicitors spread unevenly across 33 boroughs.

What’s more, there are only 3,498 qualified in conveyancing – a vital service required to support London’s busy property market.

This scarcity may mean residents are forced to take the nearest solicitor who is available regardless of their service quality or experience. With limited information and reviews, residents may end up being overcharged or paying thousands of pounds for inadequate advice and service.

To support residents across London, a free tool has launched to help consumers find high quality legal support in their local area. MyLegalAdviser, which covers the majority of legal services including wills, probate, family law and employment law, lets consumers find affordable, available and highly recommended legal representation in their area within hours.

Alex Boothman, CEO of MyLegalAdviser, commented, “Whether you’ve never used a lawyer before or you use them all the time, finding legal support can be daunting. There are so many different types of lawyer out there that it’s difficult to know what you need. At the most stressful of times – divorce, property purchase, loss of a loved one – you need the best legal support there is. With MyLegalAdviser, we cut out the hours of searching online and provide transparency on legal costs and ratings, making a very difficult situation a little easier for those involved.”

Users post a job for free on and within seconds the site matches them with hand-picked and rated experts who can help. They can review quotes, profiles and ratings to find the lawyers they like and shortlist them with a click to be put in touch. Because the lawyers are competing for their business, users save an average of 44% on legal fees versus going direct.

Mary and Richard Bell from South London used the service last week to find support to sell their property, “When we lost a relative last year, it took weeks to find a suitable solicitor to help us. We’re now in the process of moving house and wished to avoid a similar ordeal. Fortunately, within four hours, MyLegalAdviser provided us with eight quotes from local solicitors all available to start immediately and the solicitor we chose was brilliant.”


Notes to editors
*Data is taken from The Law Society’s Find a Solicitor Tool and a full report of the findings is available upon request.

MyLegalAdviser is an online legal marketplace helping users to find a lawyer.

Users post a job for free and within seconds the site matches them with hand-picked and rated experts who can help. Users can compare quotes, profiles and ratings to find the lawyers they like and shortlist them with a click to be put in touch.

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