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PDS Insight™ Machines - A New Solution for Detecting Partial Discharge in Rotating Machines


HVPD Ltd., experts in on-line condition monitoring of high voltage networks, announce the global release of a brand new solution for the detection of Partial Discharge (PD) in rotating machines, the PDS Insight™ Machines. This ground-breaking technology can be used to detect and trend PD, a common cause of electrical failures in these critical assets.

HVPD have been developing and distributing simple-to-use handheld PD testers since 2007, with over 400 customers in the utility, transport, and oil and gas sectors using this type of equipment for safety screening and to support condition based maintenance. In response to high customer demand, the PDS Insight™ Machines has been especially developed for testing rotating machines.

The PDS Insight™ Machines
The PDS Insight™ Machines

Dr Malcolm Seltzer-Grant, HVPD’s Technical Director, said: “The PDS Insight™ Machines unit will support our customers in testing motors and generators in a more cost-effective way. The unit connects to pre-installed coupling capacitor sensors, which ultimately eliminates the need for an outage during periodic testing.”

The PDS Insight™ Machines belongs to a new generation of On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) technology and is equipped with cutting-edge features including a Smart Docking Station, internal storage, barcode scanner, Bluetooth© connectivity and a dedicated asset management tablet application - the OLPD Manager™ app. used for analysis, benchmarking and trending of results. The PDS Insight™ Machines unit measures PD levels, PD pulse count and cumulative PD activity across the 50/60 Hz power cycle, enabling the user to determine the severity of any PD activity.

Rachel Stratton, HVPD’s Commercial Director, said: “Solving problems for our customers plays an important role in our product development. The PDS Insight™ Machines unit creates a new standard for OLPD handheld technology which supports customer needs in the rotating machines market. By combining four types of PD sensors: HVCC, HFCT, TEV and AA it is the only handheld unit on the market with the functionality to take PD measurements on rotating machines in addition to cables, switchgear and transformers.”

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Contact: Marcelina Fila, Marketing Manager
Tel: +44 (0)161 877 6142

Background information

HVPD Ltd, founded in 2006, are experts in the growing industry of On-line Partial Discharge (OLPD) testing and monitoring of in-service, high voltage equipment. We offer a complete range of OLPD test services, test equipment and monitoring equipment that provides an early warning of incipient faults and deterioration in medium and high voltage insulation, allowing plant owners to take early corrective action and to avoid unplanned outages.

We provide bespoke solutions to our growing customer base in oil and gas, renewables, shipping, transmission and distribution, and generation industries. Over 400 customers in over 100 countries already trust our technology.